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Diamond Jubilee Tennis Bracelet - the show stopper

You may be wondering what these gorgeous diamond bracelets have to do with tennis…well, the good news is that you definitely don’t need to love tennis to wear one! But if you do have an elevated sense of style and an eye for simple elegance then you will want to include a diamond tennis bracelet in your collection.


What is a tennis bracelet?

A tennis bracelet is the eternity ring of bracelets. In fact, until 1987, they were called just that – eternity bracelets.  Eternity bracelets have been a signature of style as far back as the 1920s when chic ladies would wear stacks of them on their wrists.


Sleek and simple, individual diamonds are the stars of the show, adorning the wrist in a continuous circle and set into a flexible, linked band. The band usually allows for a slightly loose fit – this lets it move freely on your wrist without sliding off.


The pivotal moment in 1987…

Chris Evert was a champion tennis player of the 1980s and was well known as one of the most stylish women in sport. She loved beautiful jewellery and her signature accessory was a diamond eternity bracelet. 


She was mid-rally in the 1987 US Open when her diamond eternity bracelet snapped. She promptly asked officials to stop the match until her bracelet was found. When asked about the incident later, she referred to her “tennis bracelet”, which the world took to heart. From then on, jewellers around the world have been asked for tennis bracelets – although good jewellers will know exactly what you mean if you ask to view eternity bracelets!


Symbols of love and appreciation

Just like eternity rings, diamond tennis bracelets are often given to mark a milestone in a relationship, a significant anniversary or personal achievement. These pieces are treasured when passed down through generations as each new wearer adds a fresh layer to the bracelet’s story.


Signature style and elegance

While you could most definitely wear your Diamond Jubilee Tennis bracelet on the tennis court, it’s elegant style and classic sparkle means it will transition seamlessly from casual day wear to night time sophistication. You can mix and match your bracelet easily with other pieces in your collection as its brilliant white sparkle goes with everything. Try stacking yours with other bracelets like the chic ladies of the 1920s!


While all tennis bracelets have a continuous circle of linked diamonds, they can be set in several different ways, use different shapes and cuts of diamond or even include different coloured gemstones. No two are ever the same.


Our Diamond Jubilee Tennis bracelets use round brilliant cut diamonds for maximum sparkle set in our high palladium white gold or 18 carat yellow gold.  With most tennis bracelets needing between 40 and 70 diamonds of similar colour, weight and clarity, each bracelet is a work of art. Our jewellers meticulously match each diamond to ensure the brilliance of the entire circle.


Secure and safe

Having invested in a valuable tennis bracelet, you will most definitely want to avoid a Chris Evert moment!


Each of our unique tennis bracelets is secured with a push in or set clasp and a pair of safety catches. Several will have a surprise - a hidden diamond on the clasp for that extra wow factor.


Each stone sits in a four-claw setting – not only the most popular setting for a tennis bracelet but a very secure setting for precious stones that can be knocked (similar to a ring). We recommend having your tennis bracelet checked regularly to ensure the settings, clasp and links are secure - especially if you wear yours often.


Explore our Diamond Jubilee Collection

These exquisite symbols of love and appreciation embody classic style and elegant sophistication. Explore our current collection of Diamond Jubilee Tennis Bracelets or get in touch to have yours made especially for you. Then let the compliments begin!






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