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Vintage Jewellery Modified for Today’s Woman

It’s not uncommon to see customers with an incredible piece of heirloom jewellery, but because it’s too elaborate for everyday wear, too heavy or a stone might be missing, they have asked us to turn it into something they can...

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History of the Fob Chain

What is a Fob? A fob is either a chain or ribbon (and the ornamental piece joining it) that is attached to the pocket watch and the word fob dates back as far as 1888.   Items such as key chains and garage...

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Where Did My Gemstone Come From?

Shopping for jewellery?  That diamond or coloured stone embarked on a long journey to get to where it is today. The old saying ‘diamonds are forever’ rings true as stones such as these are older than any dinosaur, animal and...

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Coloured stone engagement rings - The alternative to diamonds

Though diamonds remain the most popular engagement ring stone, the popularity of coloured gemstones is certainly on the rise. Kate Middleton’s sapphire engagement ring would be the most famous in modern history, previously worn by Diana, Princess of Wales.  Or...

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Travel Destinations with Great Night Life

Planning an overseas jaunt?  Are you picturing yourself with your partner or good friends in a bar in one of the world’s nightlife hotspots?  Nice one - and made even nicer with some fabulous tax free jewellery to get you...

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Destination Weddings – Where Do Couples Go and Tax-Free Wedding Rings

As the days grow colder and considerably shorter, many of us long for an island getaway to warm us to the bone.  Even more exciting if a destination wedding is part of the plan! What’s the Appeal of Destination Weddings?...

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