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Jewellery Declutter and Care

Chances are, you have done a spot of decluttering over the past few weeks due to Covid19 lockdown. Typically, we think of cleaning the fridge, throwing out unwanted papers and finishing off some garden chores. But what about less obvious...

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Loyalty during lockdown

We are all in this together. This is the message we’ve heard or read over the past month which unites us in a world we’ve never seen before.  Kindness, resilience and adjustments have become the norm.  And that’s a good thing.Thanking...

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Reclaimed Diamonds for Customised Jewellery

At Walker & Hall, we have been busy behind the scenes getting ready for the launch of our new collection - Reclaimed Diamonds. On 12th March 2020 this collection was born, breathing life back into stunning, quality-cut diamonds that have...

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Aquamarine Jewellery - beautiful ocean colours all year round

The mornings are certainly getting cooler and swimming has started to become a little too, how shall we say - bracing!If you want to be reminded of gorgeous blue oceans year-round, consider your next jewellery purchase to include aquamarine. At...

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Breaking with Proposal Traditions

Some traditions are wonderful. And some were made centuries ago and have never been updated. Just because 'things' have always been done a certain way doesn't make them right, right? Leap Day (29th February) is traditionally the day women can propose,...

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Noted Collection

Walker & Hall's newest collection, Noted, is all about love and remembrance.Simply select the chain, letters, numbers and/or symbols to build the perfect customised piece of jewellery for those who mean the most to you.Carefully crafted in sterling silver, Noted...

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Vault Enquiry

This item is available by Special Order. Please enquire for pricing and ordering details.