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Add a touch of luxury with W&H jewellery

At this time of the year, it is very tempting to turn into a mumma bear who wants to hibernate all winter long in comfy pants and slippers. But after a while, every woman wants and needs an occasion to...

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Christmas Gift Ideas All Wrapped Up!

Christmas day is looming and deciding what to buy, where to buy, how much to spend and wonder if they will like it is motivation enough to throw your hands in air and put it in the diary for next...

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Summer Wedding Fashion 2016-2017

There is no doubting summer’s popularity for weddings. The sunshine, the range of locations made possible by the change in climate, the increase of serotonin levels putting everyone in the mood for a great wedding.  We’ve put together a list of...

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What jewellery personality do you have?

Thank goodness we are all different otherwise, we would surely die of boredom! And we each have friends who are nothing like us and yet we love them dearly. This is all well and good but can be dangerous territory...

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Meadowlark Jewellery - Claire & Greg

Believing in a product you make and feeling confident others will too, these are the beginnings of Meadowlark. Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont are the husband and wife team who started the Meadowlark brand back in 2006, after meeting through...

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Wedding band styles for the groom

A men's wedding ring is simply a gold, platinum, titanium or silver band right? If you want it to be then yes, otherwise, no. And if you would like gold, then which gold - rose, yellow or white?These days there...

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