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Presenting the Perfect Jewellery Gift Set for the Holiday Season

The holiday season has arrived, and we couldn't be more excited about it! The giving season is always filled with joy. However, we're here to make it even more special.

Our previous gifting guide shared some great inspiration for Christmas gifting; now it's time to look at the presentation. Whether you're gifting a ring with coloured stones or a stunning pair of earrings, presentation is key to making the recipient's experience even more memorable.

Get inspired as we share creative ideas for presenting a jewellery gift set to your loved ones this year.

You’ve Found the Perfect Jewellery Set… Now What?

The hard part is over! You have found the perfect jewellery set to gift your spouse, parent, child, or another special person in your life. But that's only half the work. Now comes the time to present your gift in a way that will make it more special. Here are some ways to make your gift stand out and look beautiful, even while it's still wrapped up and hidden!

Enjoy the Beautiful Presentation of Limited-Edition Gift Sets

Our limited-edition gift sets make presentation incredibly easy. We have cohesively curated each gift set with chic, matching pieces your recipient will love.

Stolen Girlfriends Club Gift Set

From the Stolen Hearts gift set (featured above) to the Mini Entwined set, we have an option that suits your recipient's taste and style. Not only do these limited-edition sets save you time on wrapping, but they can also save you money, as they cost less than purchasing the pieces individually.

With our gift sets, there's no need to worry about wrapping anything yourself; we have it wrapped and ready for you to gift. Each set is presented in beautiful boxes with ribbons featuring that classic blue Walker & Hall touch for a luxurious gift-opening experience.


Try Something Creative & Meaningful

If you've opted to select individual jewellery pieces instead of a curated gift set, think about presenting the pieces in a creative manner to add an extra special touch. When it comes to gift presentation, the world is your oyster – and we have plenty of ideas to help inspire you.

If your home has a Christmas tree covered in ornaments, consider adding an extra, hollowed-out one to hold your gift. Seeing the little gift box inside the decoration will spark excitement and anticipation leading up to Christmas Day.

For a more playful experience, you could create an engaging scavenger hunt, leading your loved one to their stunning gift. The active experience and beautiful jewellery revealed at the end will leave them with lasting memories.

Try creating your own little jewellery box to hold the piece, ensuring it can hold the jewellery without damaging it. You can completely personalise this jewellery box to make it unique and meaningful to your recipient. Incorporate a handwritten note or customised tag with a heartfelt message, and you’ve got the perfect personalised gift.

Split the Gifts for Bonus Surprises

If you have a few gifts for somebody, like a stunning necklace and a matching pair of earrings, consider wrapping them individually and surprising your loved one throughout the day.

A beautiful necklace given on Christmas morning will already make them feel like the world's most loved person. However, the surprise of another stunning gift later in the day, like NZ-designed earrings, will make them feel even more special.

Walker & Hall makes it easy to find the perfect bonus gift. From now until Christmas Eve, purchases exceeding $290 will come with a free gift with purchase – a beautiful pair of Gold-Plated EOS Earrings. This exclusive offer is our way of expressing gratitude to our valued customers during this special time of year.

If you have decided to split the gifts and surprise your recipient with a few different gifts, why not create a mini advent calendar for the days leading up to Christmas? You can include pieces of jewellery throughout it, alongside some other smaller gifts, making for an exciting, drawn-out gifting experience.

Enjoy the Moment with Your Loved Ones

Whether you've hand-picked your own personalised jewellery set or one of our curated ones, a well-presented gift is essential for creating a beautiful gift-giving experience. Create a magical moment for you and your loved one by putting extra love and care into every detail.

As 2023 winds down, Walker & Hall wishes you and your loved ones a safe holiday season filled with joy, love, and long-lasting memories. We can't wait to see you again in 2024!


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