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Gifts with Meaning

To gift from the heart is to enrich it with thought. Take pride in giving a piece that will be cherished for years to come because it reflects the love and value you have for another. Celebrate who they are and what makes them so special, and then let them know the careful consideration you put in to make sure your gift would show that meaning. Gifts to treasure, full of memories, gratitude and love - thing we can never have too much of.

Share the meaning behind your gift with our Collection stories and handwritten personalised gifting cards.
Gifting cards are available with all in store and online purchases.


As we go through life our experiences etch themselves into our being. Each delicate facet of precious metal represents an experience gained, wisdom earned, growth achieved. Every reflection echoes back the light and confidence that has blossomed within.



Prominent and admired. Inspired by the brilliance of a woman that lived in Ancient Rome, revered for her grace, loyalty and style, not just in her lifetime but through history.



Bound by love.

Two organic circles of precious metal, two unique journeys coming together. The joining of these continuous rings reflects the strength of our love and connection. Two parts entwined together in an inseparable bond, because we are stronger together always.



Greek goddess of the dawn.

Celebrating the first step and initial leap of faith towards a brighter future. As dawn signifies the start of a new day, the Eos Collection signifies the start of a new journey, and the excitement and adventure that awaits.



For centuries, jewellery has been an important part of human cultures - a symbol of prestige, a means of spiritual protection and a reflection of the mood & values of the time.
Our Vintage Collection is a considered curation of only the finest examples from each time.


Deja Vu

For some, beauty does not fade; it is enhanced by experience. There is value in the treasures and stories of the past. Those who seek it, shall find it in the diversity of design and the commitment to salvage and appreciate that which has gone before us.


Chemical Romance

A earring collection representing the atomic structures of the four elements; Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

Choose your own alignment or balance of elements, like yours and a loved one's, to create chemistry.


This item is available by Special Order. Please enquire for pricing and ordering details.