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Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary Gifts

Celebrating milestones.
We believe the best anniversary gifts are a celebration of your achievements together and your continued commitment to one another. Whenever your significant date is, we offer a treasure trove of gifting ideas specific to every one of your milestones together.

Couple holding hands with female wearing diamond Jubilee bracelet


Made for celebrating milestones, our Jubilee design represents your significant occasion with captivating splendour and considered features to stand the test of time.

Diamond Panorama Ring


Panorama embodies unending emotion, an awe-inspiring feeling and a sense of wonder. Named with a vast and stunning landscape in mind, the diamonds span across the finger for a line of sparkle as far as the eye can see.

Eternity Rings

A symbol of eternal love and an everlasting promise.


1899 Collection

Hallmark of quality.
Our signature 1899 Collection is a celebration of our heritage; Walker & Hall was established in New Zealand in 1899.
Crafted in superior quality metals and featuring high clarity accent diamonds, a design from the 1899 Collection is a piece you will be proud to treasure for generations to come.

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Diamond Blossom Studs


As the saying goes, good things take time. Our Blossom Studs are a testament to that - it took us over 100 years to craft the perfect diamond stud.

Celebration Rings

Made for celebrating life's memorable moments and the special people you share them with.

Model wearing diamond Asra ring


Presenting a ring symbolic of a never-ending river of paradise, Asra pays tribute to the nighttime traveller. A luxurious display of emerald-cut diamonds punctuates its brilliance set for seamless sparkle giving it a spirit of timeless glamour.

Diamond Coronado Ring


The power of numbers.

Engraving Collection

Personalised engraving adds a meaningful touch to that special gift - a physical reminder of a treasured person, date or experience.


Personalised Gifts

The most meaningful gifts are those that show the thought put into them. Embody your unique relationship and elevate your gift to being unforgettable by choosing from our collection of personalised pieces.


Anniversary Gifts

Traditional anniversary gifts are materials traditionally given for a specific anniversary year. Paper, cotton, and leather are the first three gifts for years one, two, and three. The origins of these traditions are hard to trace, but the list has the standard guideline over time. Though jewellery makes the perfect anniversary gift for any year, a few years are traditional.

25th: Silver
We have incredible options for silver pieces that make perfect 25th-anniversary gifts. Mark your silver anniversary with a beautiful bangle or a personalised silver signet ring.

30th: Pearl
Thirty years after saying "I do" in a beautiful ceremony, why not celebrate with one-of-a-kind pearls? Pearl jewellery exudes timeless luxury—a perfect way to capture 30 years of love.

40th: Ruby
Celebrate 40 years with the sparkle of a ruby. We have a beautiful collection of anniversary gifts sparkling with rubies representing the love and passion shared between partners. Create a custom design or find a piece that perfectly encapsulates your love for one another.

45th: Sapphire
Celebrate the faithfulness and loyalty of your love with a stunning sapphire anniversary gift. Forty-five years is a remarkable milestone, and what better way to celebrate it than with the deep-blue sparkle of a
sapphire ring, bracelet, or earrings?

50th: Gold
It's quite the journey to the Golden Anniversary, so celebrate the love-filled adventure of a lifetime with beautiful gold pieces that tell your story. Whether a custom ring or an interlink bracelet to represent your bond together, we have the perfect anniversary collection to celebrate fifty years of passion.

The Perfect Way to Celebrate Your Milestone
Jewellery's unique ability to be personalised with engravings, gemstones, or designs with specific meaning adds an extra layer of sentimentality and personal connection. At Walker & Hall, you can find anniversary gifts that feature symbols or motifs representing love, commitment, and other meaningful themes. Our jewellery is a powerful means of conveying the depth of your feelings and the importance of the milestone. That your partner can wear the jewellery daily is a constant reminder of the feelings they represent.

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