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Personalised Gifts

Personalised Gifts

The most meaningful gifts are those that show the thought put into them. Embody your unique relationship or occasion and elevate your gift to being unforgettable by choosing from our collection of personalised pieces.

Personalised Gifts

Make it meaningful, make it personal. Our Personalised Gifts Collection showcases a selection of pieces that feature letters, numbers, zodiacs or pieces that can be engraved so you can create a truly personal gift.

9ct yellow gold Noted letter pendants

Letters & Numbers

Celebrate a special date or initials with a piece from our Letters & Numbers collection.

Engraving Collection

Personalised engraving adds a meaningful touch to that special gift - a physical reminder of a treasured person, date or experience.

Mother and daughter wearing jewellery featuring birthstones


A curated collection of coloured stone jewellery to represent each month of the year.

Chemical Romance earring collection

Chemical Romance

An earring collection representing the four element signs; Earth, Air, Fire and Water.


The power of numbers. The Numerology Collection allows you to find a piece which will embody your shared experiences, commitment or rite of celebratory passage.


This item is available by Special Order. Please enquire for pricing and ordering details.