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The Perfect Pairing

Looking for inspiration, or in need of some guidance for creating your own perfect set? A wedding band should complement your engagement ring and always remind you of the commitment you have made to each other.

Whether you prefer classic and symbolic or bold and bright - explore a few of our favourite engagement ring designs, each styled with some of our most popular wedding bands to help you find a look and meaning which speaks to you.


Our brightest star. Nova represents our vision of the quintessential engagement ring. It simply asks, “will you marry me?”

Perfected through decades of refinement, the gently rounded shoulders softly taper leading to a finely balanced six claw rex setting securing your YES. 

The classic styling of Nova allows a world of possibilities when matching a wedding or eternity band, an opportunity to express your personality and make your set uniquely you.   


Nova with Nova Band

Nova with Eternity Band

Nova with Panorama


A heavenly paradise where everything is held in perfect balance, inspired the naming of the simple and effortlessly elegant Elysian ring. Symmetry is assured with harmoniously balanced accent diamonds highlighting an elevated centre diamond.

The Elysian Fields, or Elysium, in Greek mythology referred to paradise for heroes and the virtuous, an idyllic land at the end of the Earth.


Elysian with Panorama Band

Elysian with Grace Band

Elysian with Lucky Band

Elysian with Aura Band


A celestial beauty, Comet radiates elegance with its orbit of sparkling round brilliant cut diamonds. Like a comet with a blazing trail, the fine diamond set band draws the eye to the brilliance of the proud centre diamond which is beautifully elevated in a minimalist four claw setting.


Comet with Millie Band

Comet with Melba Band

Comet with Bella Band


An Aurora, referred to as Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights and Aurora Australis or the Southern Lights, is an ethereal display of coloured lights illuminating the night sky. The magical rainbow hued lights fascinate all who see them.

Inspired by this mysterious phenomenon, the Aurora ring features a shimmering cascade of diamonds, beautifully framing a scintillating central diamond. Light dances magically across Aurora, enchanting all with her flashes of sparkle.


Aurora with Aurora Band

Aurora with Bella Band

Aurora with Engraved Band


A galaxy of sparkle. Galaxis mesmerises with a swirling cluster of glittering diamonds proudly elevated by a delicate diamond set band.


Galaxis with Venetian Band

Galaxis with Galaxis Band

Galaxis with Zenith Band

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Straight, shaped or fitted?  With diamonds or without? The wedding band which makes your heart sing is different for everyone!  We have a range of wedding bands to try on and our team would love to help you find your perfect match. Request a viewing of your favourite bands by getting in touch or using our View in Store option on the product page.

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