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Join our Family

If you love jewellery and are dedicated to providing an exceptional customer service experience then you may have what it takes to join the Walker & Hall team.


Joe Tattersfield - Managing Director

"When I consider what our company culture should look like, for me it is imagining the team waking up and feeling a sense of excitement and anticipation that they are looking forward to spending their day at Walker and Hall.  

It’s about having FUN with your team, making a positive difference in your customers day, and the enjoyment of achieving your goals."

There is nothing more important in our business than our people, their diversity of skills, backgrounds and experiences. Each unified by a common love of sharing the beauty and wonder of gemstones and jewellery, to recognise and celebrate our customers most important occasions.

Meet some of our team and find out more about the people who make the magic happen every day at Walker & Hall.

Liz - Operations Manager

I was originally recommended to join Walker & Hall by my
sister who was already a team member at the Newmarket store.  Admittedly, at the time I remember feeling like jewellery stores were quite intimidating places, but once I had a chance to experience the W&H environment you could say I
had found my forever home because that was over 17 years ago. The excitement and joy that comes from connecting a piece of jewellery to someone’s special occasion or milestone is amazing.  I have laughed, cried and had so much fun finding out about customers stories and the reasons they are looking to buy something to recognise someone they love that will become part of their family legacy. 

Aside from the work we do, what is truly special about Walker & Hall is the people, the family culture and humble leadership.  I have always felt that my suggestions and ideas are respected, and I am so grateful to be in a business where integrity, kindness and enthusiasm are valued.  I call Walker & Hall “the land of opportunity” because we are empowered and supported to make positive change both for ourselves and the wider company.

With ongoing training and development I have experienced so much and every day we keep learning from our experts in the business as well as from our team members and customers because everyone has something unique to share.  The other thing is we love to celebrate – the annual Awards Night to recognise outstanding team member successes and the Christmas party are always great times when our wider family are able to come together.  I feel blessed to be part of Walker & Hall and absolutely recommend anyone looking for an exciting, challenging and rewarding career to come and join us. 

Joyce - Administrator

I have worked at Walker & Hall for 10 years and I have really
enjoyed growing with the Walker & Hall family! It is a company that cares for and supports each other.

We have amazing leaders here who listen and are open
to suggestions. My job is different and challenging, exciting and rewarding. Walker & Hall provides all sorts of training and learning opportunities to assist and allows us to deliver professional service. I am very proud that I am part of the Walker & Hall family, being appreciated for my work and I enjoy every work day! 

Sandre - Online Sales

I’ve been working at Walker and Hall for more than 8 years, 4 years in the store and 4 years in head office. I’m impressed by the company for the excellent treatment of employees and development of my career.

I really like the diverse working environment in my current position. My boss is a great resource and always willing to help when I run into an issue. They trust me to get my work done so I have a lot of freedom in how I schedule and prioritize, which is very important to me. The other reason that I enjoy working in Head office is that the members of the team have a strong sense of camaraderie and a good work ethic. I like working
with competent, kind, humorous people who like to get things done efficiently. 

As a loyal and long-time employee, I’m always grateful to see the company’s growth as well as my career development which
makes me feel proud and honoured as a part of this brand. 

Krish - Sales Professional

From the day I started working at Walker and Hall, I instantly felt like I was part of the family. I was impressed how important cultural diversity was to them and that's when I realised, this is the right company to work for. 

Working with Walker & Hall has given me the opportunity to further my knowledge of the industry which enables me to offer the best service to our customers. 

Great in-house training, helpful team at Head office and a great work environment. 

What makes it special is when I am able to use my knowledge
to help a customer to choose their purchase. I love to see them walk out the door smiling with a Walker and Hall bag in their hands.

Ali - Marketing

I started my journey five years ago working as Christmas Casual in our Queen Street Pandora store. As the years went by and I finished my degree, I started working full time and can now reside as the Marketing Manager for Walker & Hall.

Being a consumer of the products we sell makes my job a dream! I love marketing jewellery. It's not just a product, it's a representation of a memory, a milestone, a person, an achievement. Being in the business of celebration makes my job emotionally fulfilling.

Each day is different. There’s always a new campaign to design, a new story to tell, an exquisite piece of jewellery that I never knew existed - it is the opposite of boring.

Lastly, working with such a phenomenal team that listens to my crazy ideas, and give me the tools to make them come to life is truly what I value the most about Walker & Hall. There is nothing more empowering than executing what starts as a thought and ends with a nationwide campaign.

Lorraine - Store Manager

Having joined Walker and Hall over 5 years ago as a part time salesperson, I now pride myself  in opening the doors every morning as the manager of one of our beautiful stores. 

I cannot say enough about the ongoing training, support, true sense of appreciation, acknowledgment for work done and goals achieved, respect, and comradeship which Walker and Hall gives to each and every one of their employees. 

There is a genuine sense of pride in selling the high quality jewellery we offer. Each day brings the exciting opportunity to be part of a special occasion or celebration with our customers. One of the things which stands out for me the most working for Walker and Hall is that the Managing Director knows everyone by name, calls personally to welcome them to the team, cares about their families and  their wellbeing, and even writes a personal hand written Christmas card every year and then he delivers it to you himself!! 

It feels like you are part of a great big happy family. Many of the team have been with Walker and Hall for many, many years …. The reasons, of course, need no further explanation - A family owned business that I am very grateful to be a part of. 

India - Part Time Sales Professional

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