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Where Do I Begin?

A step by step guide to purchasing the perfect Engagement ring.


Be realistic about what you can spend, you want her to be proud of her ring but you don't want to be paying the ring off for the next five years! No one really knows what an appropriate amount is except you, however the "traditional rule" is two months salary. Spend less and people will talk, spend more and they will rave!


Before you look at a single ring you need to take a long hard look at your partner. What colour is the jewellery that she wears everyday? Does she like dainty and detailed, chunky and bold, or anything totally bling? You should also pay attention to any hints which she drops around the subject of engagement, jewellery and rings. Perhaps she adores one of her friend's engagement rings, or loves a more antique style like her mum's?


A diamond has 4 components which give it its value - cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. Our diamond guide will give you a run down on what it is you need to know about what you are buying! As far as matching a diamond to your partner goes - have a think about what shape she would like. Round brilliant is the most traditional cut and it is also the sparkliest due to its perfect symmetry! A princess cut is the next most popular and is perfect for a woman who likes square shapes. If she prefers to be ahead of the crowd maybe she would prefer a rarer cut like a radiant or cushion?


Based on your knowledge of your partner's jewellery style you should be able to figure out which sort of setting she has been dreaming of. An engagement ring is traditionally a solitaire (a single diamond) but you can also go for a trilogy, accent stones, or even one with diamonds all the way around her finger! If you are unsure, we recommend choosing an elegant and classic solitaire and making the ring really shine with a stunning quality diamond. Remember she can and probably will add her influence when you select the wedding band. It can also be a good idea to take along one of her friends (only if you trust that they can keep their mouth shut though!), even your mum may have some advice if you need a hand - after all she has probably done it before.


You might need to make a judgement call when weighing up between size and quality. The engagement ring is a representation of your love, and you want something which is valuable so we generally recommend choosing a stone which is white in colour (I and above) and eye clean (SI range and above) - this means your diamond will always look white, bright and fabulous. If you know that your partner is a perfectionist you may want to go higher in quality. If you think she would be more impressed by a bigger stone you may look at going a bit lower in quality in order to stretch your budget up to a larger diamond.


Once you have armed yourself with some basic ideas and browsed our online ring selection, come in store and have a chat with one of our friendly staff who can guide you through your options. Please don't hesitate to contact us on 0800 674 255 or if you have any questions.