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Timeless Panorama – a ring for eternity

Eternity rings are traditionally given to celebrate a milestone in relationships - a wedding anniversary or birth of a child signifying the start of family life.  But we know our gorgeous Panorama eternity rings have also been gifted to join a collection of stacking rings or even as wedding bands! Such is the timeless style of these classically beautiful rings.


Eternity ring with a twist

Traditionally the symbol of eternity lies in the unbroken circle of diamonds. But many choose a half-eternity design or even a ¾ eternity design where the stones range part way around the finger. We have chosen to span the diamonds in our Panorama ring halfway across the finger for maximum sparkle without compromising the comfort of the ring on your finger.


A half eternity design like Panorama also means it can easily be resized if your finger size fluctuates. It’s also a practical option if you intend to gift the ring to the next generation as it can be adjusted to fit the lucky recipient as required.


Simplicity of style and timeless elegance

Which brings us to the consideration of style. Timeless style is made up of classic, essential pieces that never look dated or go off trend. The Panorama ring is just that - universally flattering and versatile, being able to complement your existing jewellery (or your daughter’s or granddaughter’s jewellery!) but with the strength to be worn on its own.


Add Panorama to your stacking rings

Because each diamond sits low on the band, the Panorama ring can be worn elegantly next to other rings. This makes it a perfect addition to your stacking rings and offers endless opportunity to express your unique style and personality.


Try mixing up colours of stones and metals for an eclectic daytime look, or revert to a sophisticated diamond and white gold stack for night time elegance and maximum sparkle.


Brilliant cut or oval?

Underpinning the Panorama ring is row of exquisitely cut diamonds. The classic Panorama ring showcases round brilliant cut diamonds. These look sensational on their own or nestled between rubies or sapphires. Round brilliants are very popular – for every 25 brilliant cut diamonds you’ll find one oval cut.  Choose a brilliant cut diamond if you’re looking for the most traditional, timeless style and the most brilliant diamond sparkle.


Our newest addition to the Panorama ring parades a row of the more unique oval cut diamonds. The oval cut tends to make the diamonds appear larger. While the oval cut is a more unique style, it continues the theme of classic elegance – think Coco Chanel!



Sapphires or rubies?

Your choice of stone will depend very much on your personal preference. If you need your eternity ring to be as equally hard wearing as your diamond engagement ring and wedding ring, we suggest you look again to diamonds, being the hardest stone.


However, both rubies and sapphires are nearly as resilient as diamonds. Both derive from the mineral corundum which measures 9 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, second only to diamonds. This means they are inherently strong, being less prone to scratching, chipping or cracking than softer stones such as emeralds. If you want to wear your Panorama ring most days, then either rubies or sapphires can take the stress of everyday wear.


If it helps you choose, you may be interested to know that rubies have historically signified great passion and have always been associated with deep love and courage. A perfect choice for the romantic, rubies are recognised as gifts for 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. However, they may be more expensive than sapphires as they can command the highest per carat price of any coloured stone. 


Explore Panorama Rings

Will you choose rubies or sapphires?  White gold or yellow? Do you prefer the more unique oval shaped diamonds or the classic sparkle of a row of brilliant diamonds?  Explore our current collection of timeless Panorama rings or get in touch to have yours made especially for you – you deserve it!

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