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Engagement vs Wedding Rings: How Do They Differ?

Are you looking to shop for engagement rings? Perhaps you're newly engaged, staring at the dancing diamonds on your finger, or have just tied the knot with beautiful wedding bands. Whatever the case, an engagement ring and a wedding ring symbolise love and commitment, but they serve different purposes at different times in a relationship.

Today, we explore the different meanings they hold. Read on for a breakdown of engagement vs wedding rings, and enter your commitment understanding the symbolism behind the jewellery.

Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is given to a partner at the time of the proposal, often accompanied by a heartfelt declaration of love. An engagement is a magical part of many couples' stories.

The engagement ring is typically worn on the left hand's third finger (from the thumb), also known as the "ring finger." The ring symbolises the promise to marry and represents the couple's commitment. Engagement rings often feature a centre stone, such as a diamond or other precious gem. This featured stone is typically surrounded by smaller stones and set in a band of precious metal.

The cost of an engagement ring is often more expensive than a wedding ring, and the design may be more elaborate. The elegant and stunning designs reflect the significance of the proposal.

Wedding Rings

On the other hand, a wedding ring exchange occurs during the wedding ceremony. Both partners wear wedding rings (a.k.a. wedding bands) to symbolise their commitment to each other.


The wedding ring is typically a plain band of precious metal, such as gold or platinum, worn on the same finger as the engagement ring. The wedding ring symbolises love and devotion and represents the promise of fidelity and lifelong commitment. Unlike the engagement ring, which is often chosen by the proposer and presented as a surprise, the wedding ring is typically chosen together by the couple, and both partners wear matching rings.

While the engagement and wedding rings are distinct symbols of commitment, they are also closely connected. The engagement ring represents the beginning of a couple's love story, while the wedding ring represents the continuation of that love story through marriage. Some couples combine the two rings into a single piece of jewellery that features each ring in a complementary design.

Engagement and Wedding Rings Around the World

In some cultures, the wedding ring is the only one exchanged, worn on the right hand instead of the left. This tradition is common in many European countries and parts of South America and Asia.


In other cultures, such as those holding Jewish and Muslim traditions, there is no exchange of rings during the wedding ceremony. Still, other symbols of commitment, such as a prayer shawl or a ceremonial contract, may be used instead.

Find the Perfect Way to Tell Your Love Story

While engagement and wedding rings in NZ symbolise love and commitment, they each have their purpose. Both rings are significant symbols of a couple's love story, serving as a reminder of the promises made and the love shared.

Whether looking for the perfect engagement ring to make your proposal special or a beautiful band to tie the not, Walker & Hall has stunning pieces. After all, we're honoured to be a part of any couple's love story.


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