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How to Clean and Care for Your Gold Jewellery

Gold is such a beautiful metal, so it's only fair that you take proper care of it. Many of us wear gold daily as one of the most popular metals in jewellery. To ensure your jewellery stays sparkling and shining for years, we share tips covering how to clean gold jewellery and care for it properly.

Wearing your gold jewellery

Some of us have pieces that are almost an extension of our body. When you wear jewellery daily, be mindful of how you wear it. It should be the last thing you put on after completing your morning routine. For example, only put on your gold jewellery on after showering, dressing, and applying lotion and perfume. Things like perfume and cologne can damage your favourite gold pieces, so it's important to reduce contact as much as possible.

Things to avoid with gold jewellery

As mentioned, creams, cosmetics, and perfumes are not good for gold. Additionally, you should avoid chlorine wherever possible. Chlorine is the worst enemy of gold, so take off all your jewellery before jumping in a chlorinated pool this summer!

As a general rule of thumb, remove gold items when doing activities that could damage your jewellery, such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, swimming/showering and exercising. Safely store in in your jewellery box or have a dedicated safe spot to keep it so as not to lose it. Avoid wearing your jewellery in places where it could get scuffed up. If you're working with your hands, remove your rings and bracelets.

Storing your gold jewellery

It's ideal for each piece of jewellery to have its own storage space, where it won't touch your other pieces; small plastic bags or a jewellery box with multiple compartments is ideal. If your favourite gold ring rubs against a bracelet, your pieces could wind up getting scratched. Ensure the space is clean and dry.

How to clean gold jewellery?

A soft, lint-free cloth is perfect for a quick once-over. Ensure the cloth is soft, as rough materials can cause micro scratches. Create a diluted solution of detergent/dishwashing liquid and warm water for a thorough cleaning. Soak your jewellery in this solution for five minutes. A soft toothbrush will help you get in every nook and cranny to ensure your pieces are clean. Once clean, rinse your gold jewellery thoroughly with warm water and gently dry.

Another great way to clean your gold jewellery is using an ultrasonic cleaner. Walker & Hall will also clean your jewellery in-store free of charge. We also offer polishing of your gold pieces, to restore their lustre and shine.

How often should you clean your gold jewellery?

If you wear your jewellery often, it's best to give it a quick once-over with a cloth weekly. You should perform a more thorough clean every few months. Often, you'll be able to see when your jewellery needs a cleaning, and if you take proper care, you may find your jewellery in better condition, with less cleaning.

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