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Top Trending Gold Jewellery Designs in 2022

We see new jewellery trends popping up constantly as new designers bring their unique ideas to life. To help you stay up-to-date with the latest gorgeous jewellery pieces to hit the market, we discuss our favourite trending gold jewellery designs of 2022 so far. We explore recent trends in designing, wearing and styling gold jewellery.

Chunky Gold Rings

Chunky rings have become increasingly popular in designer jewellery over the last few years. Jump to 2022, and we see them more than ever. Chunky gold rings add a touch of confidence and boldness to your appearance, perfectly balancing power and femininity.

Large gold rings are incredibly eye-catching; think signet rings, sovereign rings and wide gold bands. All of which are sure to captivate and impress. Incorporate chunky jewellery into your collection and mix and match the textures and width of different pieces. We love how creative it can get. There's no denying the sheer elegance and power a chunky gold ring provides.

Statement Earrings

Like a bold ring, earrings are a fantastic statement piece for any look. While elegant diamond studs are a timeless classic, large, eye-catching gold earrings are the current showstopper.

Large gold earrings are the perfect way to frame the face. Furthermore, gorgeous earring designs set with elegant gemstones can add to the statement. Statement earrings will bring a bold edge to your look that you're sure to love. A pair of large, bold earrings will turn heads and make you feel empowered!

Repurposed Gold

Gold chains have always been in style. They're versatile and look great with literally anything you wear. As of 2022, the latest trend for these gold chains is sustainability. Reclaimed and repurposed gold has become increasingly popular as sustainable practices continue to gain momentum. Local designers and recycled materials have become a priority for buyers.

Walker & Hall take pride in breathing new life into old materials. Although our Recycled Gold chains collection isn't about chasing trends; we take sustainability very seriously.

Gold + Pearl

Gold and pearls are instantly recognisable for their chic and timeless qualities. Pearls bring a vintage look to jewellery and we continue to see their inclusion in modern jewellery. Whether there's a single pearl dangling from a fine gold chain or encapsulated in a gold ring, gold and pearls make an amazing combination.

These Binding Love Earrings from Karen Walker are a great example of how stunning the colours look beside each other. A soft contrast of the materials provides an elegant aesthetic. The  dangling pearl clusters create a definitive statement earring; aligning with two trending gold jewellery designs.

A Touch of Whimsy

Whether spurred on by the lacklustre of the last few years or simply the joy of whimsy, 2022 has seen a comeback of uplifting and playful jewellery design. More designers include fun elements in their collections, and gold jewellery is more fun than ever, with unique shapes, nostalgic themes, and pops of colour.

For example, these gold prism earrings feature a circle of bright coloured gemstones to embellish and delight. But it's not just colour and stones that bring the whimsy; these dinosaur earrings bring a touch of childhood nostalgia. Beautifully designed, light-hearted and a touch of fun.

Discover More Gold Jewellery at Walker & Hall

At Walker & Hall, jewellery design is our passion. Jewellery spreads love and holds memories. We're proud that our designs are part of many priceless moments. We're here to celebrate; graduations, birthdays, engagements, and anniversaries - it's what we do best! Make a memory last forever with a trending gold jewellery design from Walker & Hall.

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