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The Curated Collection - Exquisite Works of Art to Treasure

The Curated Collection highlights the unique and exceptional. Those pieces of jewellery that are works of art in their own right and catch the eye of our Managing Director, Joseph Tattersfield. 



As a GIA qualified gemologist of more than 25 years, Joe views thousands of pieces every year. Occasionally (very occasionally, Joe would say!) he comes across a piece that stands out from the crowd. These are the diamonds, rings and gemstones with the wow factor, those special pieces of jewellery that inspire wonder and intrigue.

What it takes to make the cut

While colour, cut and clarity are the hallmarks of quality for gemstones and diamonds, Joe considers every piece on its merits. It may be a unique example of its era or perhaps the craftsmanship is exceptional. A ring may have perfectly matched and balanced stones - a feat not easily achieved with natural diamonds.  

These special pieces are ones to treasure, wear with pride and pass on with love to the next the generation to continue their story.

Exquisite pieces with the X factor

Unique pieces of contemporary, classic or vintage design each have their place in the Curated Collection.


At 10 carats, this diamond took Joe’s breath away! But it wasn’t only the size that impressed him. The stone’s size is coupled with exceptional clarity, which Joe considers critical in large diamonds “as you don’t want the eye to be distracted”.  The colour, cut, brilliantly matched 1 carat trilliants on either side and platinum setting made this ring a must for the Curated Collection.

I suppose what I love about it the most, even with regular viewing, is the size. It stills takes my breath away.



Joe was taken with the impressive natural brilliance and well considered composition of this emerald and diamond ring. The emerald has an attractive and unusual bright apple hue and is accented with two beautifully matched emerald cut diamonds. The combination of colour, composition and craftsmanship certainly made this piece an easy decision for Joe to add to the Curated Collection.

The life of this emerald immediately commanded my attention.”





Other pieces make the Curated Collection for entirely different reasons. This vintage sterling silver brooch hails from a bygone era of small scale production and appeals to Joe’s love of early New Zealand jewellery. Using silver and local paua shell, the brooch portrays an alert and agile Maori warrior. The distinctive etchings of moko and feathers capture his moment in time.

To me, this is a rare and very collectible piece of NZ mid-century commercial jewellery.”


Explore the Curated Collection


Joe is always updating the Curated Collection with newly found works of art. And of course, pieces disappear as they are sold! Browse our current collection and get in touch to view the special piece that’s caught your eye.




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