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Joining the Walker & Hall Diamond Club: All You Need to Know

At Walker & Hall, we value our customers above everything else. For over a decade, we have shown our customers this through Diamond Club benefits, but what is the Walker & Hall Diamond Club?

The Diamond Club is out loyalty program, where regular customers can gain and redeem points for their purchases, plus some other unique perks. For example, as part of the diamond club, you'll receive a point per dollar spent when you shop for jewellery online. This blog post sheds light on this loyalty program, sharing everything you should know about how it works.

The Tiers

There are seven tiers in our Diamond Club. We base our tiers on your last year of spending with us. Here's a breakdown of the tiers:

Nova - $0 - $499 annual spend
Panorama - $500 - $999 annual spend
Coronado - $1,000 - $1,999 annual spend
Phoenix - $2,000 - $4,999 annual spend
Monarch - $5,000 - $9,999 annual spend
Blossom - $10,000 - $29,999 annual spend
Jubilee - $30,000+ annual spend

Minimum rewards

The available benefits increase as you progress through the tiers. The minimum benefits (Nova) include:
  • $25 tier reward voucher
  • One reward point per dollar spent
  • 10% off birthday voucher
  • Free engraving for items from our Engraving Collection

Maximum rewards

The benefits will grow as you reach higher tiers, reaching a maximum at the Jubilee tier. These benefits include:
  • $300 tier reward voucher
  • One reward point per dollar spent
  • Four double reward point days
  • $500 birthday voucher
  • Free engraving for all Walker & Hall pieces
  • Early access to promotional previews
  • Exclusive access to special Walker & Hall events
  • Unlimited exchange period for purchases


Member Benefits

As a member of our rewards program, you gain access to a world of benefits that'll truly make you feel like a VIP. We expand on some of them below:

Birthday gifts

No matter which tier you sit at, we are always here to celebrate with you. From 10% off to a $500 voucher, as a member of our Diamond Club, you can always count on a special birthday present from us.


Engraving makes jewellery more special than it already is. Whether a sentimental gift for a family member or a gift to yourself to celebrate a personal win, engraving adds a personal touch to any piece of jewellery. As part of the club, you'll have access to free engraving on a range of Walker & Hall pieces (depending on your tier).

Event invitations

Who doesn't love an exclusive invitation? As part of the Diamond Club's Blossom and Jubilee tiers, you can enjoy yourself at a range of exclusive Walker & Hall events. Whether it's our birthday, a new collection launch, or another celebration-worthy occasion, you can join the festivities with exclusive event access.

Reward points

Nothing feels better than working towards a reward. If you shop for jewellery online or in-store, why not do it as part of the Diamond Club? That way, you can receive a point per dollar spent at our store. Once you've reached 500 points, you can redeem them for a $50 gift voucher! Those at higher tiers - Phoenix, Monarch, Blossom and Jubilee - have double reward point days throughout the year, allowing you to nab some extra points to get to 500 points sooner.

Early access

The exclusive VIP feeling doesn't stop at birthday gifts and event invites. From the Coronado tier and beyond, you'll receive early access to promotional information. You'll always be the first to know if there is a sale, new collections, or any other exciting information. 

How to Join

Joining the Walker & Hall's Diamond Club is as easy as popping into your local store. Our team in-store will take you through the process and sign you up within minutes. Alternatively, you can create a Diamond Club account online through our website and enjoy a world of benefits.

Treat Yourself with Walker & Hall

Now that you know all about the Diamond Club, you can reap the benefits of shopping with us. Whether treating yourself or a loved one, Walker & Hall has stunning pieces, from engagement rings to timeless bracelets. Explore the full range online or in-store today and start collecting your reward points and enjoying the other Diamond Club perks!


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