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Graduation Day: Mark the Milestone With Jewellery

Universities in New Zealand stage their graduation ceremonies throughout the year but autumn and early winter sees a rush of them from Auckland down to Otago.

For many students and their families, graduation marks the watershed between a couple of decades’ worth of education (and all the costs, time and effort that entails) and the start of forging a way in the big wide world.

In short, it’s as important an achievement in someone’s life as any birthday, anniversary, birth, engagement or marriage.

Because jewellery comes with that double benefit of meaning and long-lasting effect, it is the perfect gift to mark such an important date as a graduation ceremony.

So here’s Walker & Hall’s inspirational guide to choosing the right gift for a graduating student.

Gems with meaning

Gemstones come in such a huge variety that there’s always something which can add meaning to a gift.

Whether that gem is set in a ring, earrings, bracelet, or a pendant simply doesn’t matter – it’s really just up to taste, budget and style. But here are a few ideas when it comes to matching the right stone to the right student and the right career.

  • Amethyst is traditionally linked to the attainment of wisdom – the perfect stone to mark the achievement of graduating.
  • Blue topaz is the traditional stone for writers, scholars, artists and intellectuals.
  • Citrine is known as the “merchant’s stone” and is associated with business.
  • Garnet is traditionally believed to attract good luck in business ventures.
  • Jade covers a wide range of subjects and careers as well as being linked to general prosperity. It is the traditional charm for gardeners and is said to encourage good harvests in agriculture.
  • Onyx is linked to determination and perseverance.
  • Opal is linked to healing and can be a good gift for people hoping to work in the medical profession.
  • Rose quartz is traditionally linked to promoting appreciation of the arts.
  • Sapphire has long been associated with communication and inspiration which makes it a great gift for anyone going into the media.
  • Turquoise is believed to attract money and success in oriental tradition while native Americans associate it with working in nature.

A classic piece to mark a rite of passage

Of course, you can choose to mark a graduation ceremony with a classic piece of jewellery linked to the wearer rather than the subject they’re graduating in.

To get the choice of gift right, you might just have to do a little research into the styles which suit the new graduate and the budget you want to spend.

But here are a few ideas for a special gift:

  • Watches are a traditional gift for graduation ceremonies because they mark the end of that timeless university period and the start of the nine-to-five career world. Walker & Hall has a great range to suit every budget.
  • Walker & Hall’s designer collection of great Kiwi names such as Karen Walker, Boh Runga, Huffer and Stolen Girlfriends Club means there’s something cool to suit pretty much every homegrown taste.
  • Because graduation ceremonies are one-off events they’re also the type of occasions which can be marked with a special one-off gift for a special family member: something like a pair of diamond earrings or pendants, pearl jewellery or elegant gold or silver bracelets and bangles.

Specific designs linked to graduation

Although there are plenty of classic pieces of jewellery which can suitably mark the occasion of a graduation ceremony, there are a few individual designs which are taylor-made for the job.

Gift cards

Just can't decide? A Walker & Hall Gift Voucher is the perfect option to mark the event and let them get exactly what they want. Our Gift Card can be used in store or online for any amount between $20 and $500. Just go to our website and enter the amount you would like us to load onto the Gift Card and we will look after the rest!


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