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Why Jewellery is a Great Christmas Gift

We love a good party as much as the next person, but Christmas can be really hard work if you have no idea what to buy anyone!   Coming up with fresh ideas each year doesn’t come naturally for many of us, so, we thought some guidance might be greeted with open arms.

Here are our top five reasons why jewellery makes a special Christmas gift.  Not just a winner with the recipient, but a winner with shoppers as well.  


It will last past Boxing Day

No need to join post-Christmas queues armed with the receipt and broken bits.  Jewellery sure is ‘a keeper’.



Jewellery leaves an everlasting impression as it’s a genuine expression of caring.  They will always remember you and smile, knowing that thought has gone into choosing that piece, just for them.


Jewellery travels well

Light to send overseas, beautifully packaged and if you are travelling overseas with it – then it might be tax-free as well (for items under $700NZ).


There’s something for everyone

Regardless of style, budget, gemstone, silver or gold we have the perfect gift-giving piece. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches, bangles, earrings and gift sets.  


Browse the latest from Karen Walker, discover vintage beauties or look through our collection of timeless cufflinks – the options are endless! 


Convenience, convenience, convenience.

At Christmas time, convenience is the number one word for shoppers. Check out our website for New Zealand jewellery designers, free gift wrapping, payment options, birthstones and gift vouchers.



Wanting to send a lasting and personal message?  We offer classic necklace and ring styles like this silver pebble necklace or gold locket which are perfect for engraving. 


We hope this has got you thinking outside the box and feeling virtuous about how organised you are at the busiest time of the year.

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