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Mother’s Day ideas from the Family, Daughter, Son and Partner

Mothers mean different things to different people. A son often sees his mum as a person who has nourished him with good food and cuddles, the daughter may see her mum as a confidant, a person backing her as she ventured out into the world. A partner can see the mother as a strong and generous person. All these reasons make her part of you. So, it’s only fitting we name this special occasion – Part of You

Walker and Hall have put together gift ideas from every kind of loved one to make the gift decision-making hassle-free, but always thoughtful and personal. 

From the family

Simple but always in style, elegant and still modern, the yellow gold 6.5mm bangle is the perfect piece that will make her feel special for decades to come. If she’s more of a necklace or earrings kind of woman, Walker and Hall’s Reflections range offers striking gold and silver pieces with a nod to Art Deco.  

From the daughter

What about a pair of statement earrings? New earrings always make a woman want to dress up and socialise! Or Meadowlark’s Amour necklace, gold plated with a blue sapphire. Amour is a vintage-inspired assortment of jewels with a hint of nostalgia and French charm. 

From the son

The Entwined Collection is carefully crafted circles in sterling silver, yellow or rose gold to produce stunning pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets. The joining of the circles represents the strength of love and connection. And what a wonderful way to say thanks for everything she has done for you, for all those years!

From the partner

Browse Walker and Hall’s outstanding range of Vintage jewellery. Find one-of-a-kind statement pieces – just the woman you are buying for! Or a pair of exquisite Blossom studs which have been perfected over 100 years. The Blossom design has been specially crafted to fit comfortably on the ear, minimising visual metal and maximising sparkle from every angle. 

Take your Mum, Grandma, Nana, wife or partner on a journey of love this Mother's Day with help from Walker and Hall’s range of quality jewellery. 

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  • Jackson on

    Just a shout out to Kerrie Palmer and Aarika Parmar at Manukau City store for their wonderfully perceptive and insightful advice while on my mission on selecting a Mother’s Day gift. Thank you for listening to my requirements and reading my queues – I’ve come away happily with my spur of the moment to walk in and take chance to find something and now knowing it was a great choice as she loved it!

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