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Part of You

Follow the story of a treasured piece gifted through a family, collecting memories of people and milestones, carrying them on to the next generation.
Jewellery is a significant gift because a part of us is captured in the pieces we choose to wear each day.


We often remember and reminisce of someone and their signature pieces vividly, like the spectacular colour of grandma’s sapphire ring and how it danced in the light when she clapped, or the jingle of our mother’s bangles which always gave away when she was coming down the hall. 



When these pieces are passed down, there is a connection to our loved ones that the next wearer will feel. Each heirloom represents a beautiful journey of love and history encapsulated in the symbols we are blessed to hold onto until the next chapter.

View our hand-selected collection of timeless heirlooms that will become a Part of You.



Make it personal. Personalised engraving adds a meaningful touch to your special gift - a physical reminder of a treasured person, date or experience.

Receive complimentary engraving on selected items for gifts that become a part of you.


The gift of jewellery passed down through a family holds so much more than the value of the materials. Each heirloom piece holds memories and has a story to sing of those who have worn it before. Established for over 122 years, Walker & Hall has chosen some heirlooms that will become a Part of You.


With heart-shaped claws allowing the gemstones to nestle closely together, Pentagon is a subtle reminder of the warmth of love - of the ones you love and the moments you cherish.


Little Black Dress of Jewellery

Meet Blossom, the diamond studs you don't want to live without. As the saying goes, good things take time, and our Blossom studs are a testament to that - it took us over 100 years to craft the perfect stud.


Gold Bangle

Chosen for its warm golden hue, the gold bangle is a classic example of a fine heirloom, with its design spanning and appealing for many generations to come.


This item is available by Special Order. Please enquire for pricing and ordering details.