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Tips For Travelling With Jewellery


Pack all your precious pieces into a jewellery box or roll, this way you know your jewellery is protected during transit and you can always keep
track of it.

Be extra careful with earring posts which can bend if not stored properly. Keep pieces separated as they can scratch each other if all jumbled together!


Travelling anywhere with necklaces is always a challenge. Chains just love to tangle themselves and leave you with a big knot – lovely! That’s why we recommend choosing necklaces that go with many looks and if you must pack them during travel follow these steps to prevent tangles:

Lay them out on a piece of tissue, roll lengthways, then roll the other way.

Place the wrapped package in your jewellery box.

Another alternative is to reuse those small plastic bags that hold spare buttons. Place the necklace inside, and drape the end of the chain out before you seal. This way your chain won’t get tangled and it will also help prevent your sterling silver from oxidising.


Although we hope nothing happens to your jewels while you’re away, sometimes unexpected things come up. We recommend you take a clear photo of all your jewellery before you go, this way you can check you are returning home with all your pieces.  

Also make sure you know exactly what your insurance provider covers you for while you’re travelling, read the fine print for maximum cover values and any conditions around where you store it. Look into getting special travel insurance cover if required.

For pieces you are not taking with you, especially sentimental ones, make sure they are well hidden!


Always place your jewellery in your carry on and never put it in your checked baggage.

Your most sentimental and valuable items can be worn so you will always have a close eye on them! If possible store the rest in your bag under the seat in front of you rather than the overhead lockers.


Statement necklaces and earrings are your best friend when travelling. They can easily dress an outfit up so you can move straight from a casual day look into the cocktail hour. You are unlikely to be taking all of your jewels so making sure you take just a few that will work with a range of outfits but still keep you looking put together is all you need.

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