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Neon Collection

Neon Collection

We are excited to introduce our dynamic Neon Collection.
Neon represents a carefully curated collection of large diamonds that offer outstanding value to those who seek high impact diamonds.

The secret of Neon lies in the recognition of the importance of clarity in larger diamonds and an understanding of the positive impact of high florescence on near colourless diamonds.

Diamond Clarity

As a diamond gets larger the relative size of the inclusion remains the same but because the diamond is physically so much bigger, the visual impact of the inclusion becomes more pronounced. Essentially as the size of the diamond increases clarity becomes an increasingly important characteristic.

Neon Collection

Fluorescence is a natural phenomenon which occurs when energy in the form of blue light is emitted when a diamond is exposed to invisible ultra violet light (UV). This has the positive impact of making near colourless diamonds (H-I-J colour), which exhibit shades of brown and yellow, appear colourless.

The other secret of Neon is that fluorescent diamonds are significantly less expensive than non-fluorescent diamonds.

This is due to a misconception regarding the impact of fluorescence, believing that it makes a diamond hazy or oily looking. This is in fact very rare and occurs in approximately .02% of diamonds submitted to GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Diamonds displaying this characteristic are specifically rejected from the Neon collection.

Diamond industry leaders actually advocate fluorescent diamonds. 'In earlier times the so-called 'blue-whites' were highly regarded and much in demand'. And GIA, the unquestionable diamond authority, asserts 'in many instances, observers prefer the appearance of diamonds that have medium to strong fluorescence'.

Phoenix ringsAlong with a widespread misunderstanding of the effect of fluorescence on diamonds, websites with filtered search functions allow online diamond buyers to exclude fluorescent diamonds from their search results.

This leads to a market imbalance with an oversupply of fluorescent diamonds. In order to move these diamonds, suppliers need to offer greater and greater discounts.

The two Phoenix rings pictured are an excellent example of the price advantage of Neon.

The Phoenix ring on the left is -
Fluorescent 2.20ct, I colour, SI clarity $36,620

And the Phoenix ring on the right is -
Non-fluorescent 2.00ct, F colour, SI clarity $61,400

The fluorescent diamond appears a similar colour to the non-fluorescent diamond even though it is three grades lower in colour. The fluorescent diamond is 10% bigger than the non-fluorescent diamond and is 40% cheaper.

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Neon Collection

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This item is available by Special Order. Please enquire for pricing and ordering details.