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A story of pure elegance, meet Jubilee- evocative of a sea of diamonds with a timeless modern aesthetic that draws admiration.

Radiating brilliance that rivals the stars in the sky, the Jubilee tennis bracelet from our signature 1899 collection, shines bright as a line of meticulously matched round diamonds are filled with light from every angle of their four-claw settings.



Made for celebrating milestones, our Jubilee design represents your significant occasion with captivating splendour and considered features to stand the test of time.

Jubilee means “anniversary” and with round brilliant cut diamonds completing a full circle, these pieces symbolise the sentiment of an eternal love and a journey expressed through brightness.

Jubilee Design Features

Initially conceived as a diamond bracelet, we sought to provide security and peace of mind in a style that delivered show-stopping sparkle.


History of the Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets make stunning wrist adornments. Ever wondered why it's called a tennis bracelet?

The term Tennis bracelet was coined when one of the most stylish women in sport, Chris Evert, known for her sports-luxe look, had a moment on the tennis court.

During the 1977 US open match, her diamond bracelet fell off, causing a standstill search for it. This moment created a spectacle among the audience, which sparked the name "Tennis Bracelet". This occurrence inspired jewellers to create a flexible diamond bracelet with a secure clasp.


Caring for your Jubilee

Here are a few tips and tricks that are sure to keep your Jubilee sparkling. 

To keep your Jubilee bracelet looking brilliant, keep the diamonds clean from the natural build-up of dirt and oils.

Remove your bracelet when undertaking activities that could cause it to be accidentally knocked or caught.

We recommend a relatively tight fit to avoid catching in normal day to day wear.

Regular checks of the links and clasp will ensure that they are secure and free from damage and should be undertaken at least once a year.



This item is available by Special Order. Please enquire for pricing and ordering details.