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The gift of jewellery passed down through a family holds so much more than the value of the materials. Each heirloom piece holds memories and has a story to sing of those who have worn it before. A design that will be cherished decades after it was first created requires a timeless aesthetic and quality workmanship.

The Empire ring from our signature 1899 collection is inspired by just such an heirloom, received by Walker & Hall Director Julie Tattersfield from her Grandmother, Undine. Truly a statement piece that has unmistakable style, it is a design that transcends time and has been adored through generations.

Featuring a central emerald cut coloured gemstone, accented by a diamond halo and delicate corner detailing, perfectly offset by a simple and delicate band.


Empire Inspiration

The Empire ring is inspired by our director Julie Tattersfield’s heirloom that was passed from her Grandmother and Mother. 'The yellow sapphire ring was left to my mother Nobby by her mother Undine. I remember Mum wearing it when she went ‘out’. It would be somewhere like the races where she would want to look glamourous. I inherited it from Mum and have loved wearing it when I want to feel special. I especially love the detailing in the corners. Everyone notices it! I was excited to have a Walker & Hall ring inspired by my ring.'


This item is available by Special Order. Please enquire for pricing and ordering details.