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Why we love Art Deco jewellery

Art Deco ran through the veins of the 1920's and 1930's and is seen in architecture, design, clothing and jewellery fashion of the time. Bolder and more masculine that times before, post-World War I sees the birth of women gaining confidence to express their individual style. People were looking for fun and extravagance after years of doom and gloom.

Art Deco is short for Arts Décoratifs, meaning pieces which are beautiful as well as functional. Dramatic, geometric designs with strong colours and abundantly ornamented. Yellows, reds, blues and greens feature along side African, Oriental, Egyptian, Persian and Islamic influences, making it a favourite among collectors and vintage jewellery lovers.

The standout characteristics of Art Deco jewellery include strong geometric shapes mirrored in magnificent buildings like the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings and the Rockefeller Centre in New York City.

If you love the 1920's and 30's, Napier's Art Deco weekends are world renowned, embracing everything about this era of elegance. Following a massive earthquake and subsequent fires in 1931, Napier was rebuilt using Spanish Mission and Art Deco designs. You would have to search the world over to find a city more influenced by Art Deco style.

The 1930's are also responsible for much of the jewellery we own today. Art Deco not only influenced how jewellery looked but also how it was cut. New techniques included the round brillliant cut allowing for diamonds to dazzle like never before. Economics were growing stronger and jewellery manufacturing, in general, became more efficient, making diamond jewellery and engagement rings more affordable to more people. Jewellers also began using white gold - more affordable than platinum but very similar in hue.

For quality rings and necklaces, with diamonds and gemstones, see our wonderful selection of Art Deco jewellery and other vintage jewellery that delights us still.

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