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Why choose a Trilogy Ring?

Trilogy rings aren’t just timeless, beautiful fine jewellery pieces. Their symbolism gives them extra significance, and can make them the perfect meaningful gift for a special life event.

What is a trilogy ring?

A trilogy ring is set with three stones. It can come in many shapes, cuts, sizes and materials. Trilogy rings carry strong symbolism that can make them the perfect engagement ring or gift.

Trilogy rings are also referred to as trinity rings or three stone rings.

What is the meaning of a trilogy ring?

A ring with three stones most commonly symbolises the past, present and future.

This is a wonderful sentiment for an engagement ring, with the stones representing your past, present and future together. When people choose a trilogy ring as their engagement ring, it is common for the centre stone to be a larger statement stone. A more subtle trilogy ring can also make for a lovely wedding band.

The past, present and future concept could give a trilogy ring have special meaning as a gift yourself if you are starting a new chapter of your life. It could also make your next significant anniversary gift extra special. Some people also interpret the three stones as symbolic of love, friendship and loyalty, which is another lovely notion for an anniversary gift!

We have also seen happy three-sibling families purchase a trilogy ring for their mother’s 50th or 60th birthday present. In these cases, the three stones on the ring are usually the same size, to avoid suggesting favourites!

However you choose to interpret the meaning of a trilogy ring, it will make for a beautiful, thoughtful gift for a special occasion that will be treasured for a lifetime.

What stones are best for a trilogy ring?

While diamonds are the classic gem for a trilogy ring, in recent years many fine jewellers have been experimenting with a wider range of colours and stones. Our Walker & Hall jewellery experts have curated an incredible selection of different kinds of three stone rings to suit every style preference and budget.

The Trilogy Ring from our signature 1899 collection, dazzles with three diamonds nestled closely together in subtle heart shaped claws. The Trilogy design radiates glamour with its bright flashes of sparkle and elegant timeless setting.

We have a beautiful range of three stone rings in a range of cuts, colours and carats. Whether the wearer would prefer a classic look, an art deco style, a unique centre stone or a trio of coloured gems, we can help you find the perfect piece. If you are looking for something even more special, the Walker & Hall team can collaborate with you to create a stunning custom three stone ring.

Our Walker & Hall Trilogy Ring and three stone ring range showcases designs that have taken years to perfect and carry wonderful symbolism. Explore our full range of three-stone rings here, or reach out to our fine jewellery experts for personalised guidance.

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