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For the gents - Wedding bands for the groom

A men's wedding ring is simply a gold, platinum, titanium or silver band right? If you want it to be then yes, otherwise, no. And if you would like gold, then which gold - rose, yellow or white?

These days there are many subtle yet stylish options available which can be as minimalist, striking, matte or detailed as you like. Let's get started on finding you your best fit.

Think about your lifestyle

What is your occupation? Does your job prevent you from wearing jewellery for safety reasons? Are you someone who has his hands dirty all day or do you reside in an office environment?

Are you a weekend DIYer, a movie buff or spend your spare time rock climbing? These considerations can help pave the way for a ring which will suit your life and stand up to the knocks.

Think about your personality

Looking for a ring where your personality can shine? Adding precious jewels to a man's ring doesn't have to mean lots of bling if you don't want it to. A stone or three in the right place can be enough to show your style but still carry you through into your twilight years.

New Zealand's designers, MichaelJohn and Stolen Girlfriends Club offer a great range of men's rings appealing to the younger, fashion-conscious groom. And if you find a ring you love, but it doesn't appear on our men's wedding ring page - does that mean it can't be your wedding ring? Not likely! This is your ring and should bring you joy when you look at it. No rules apply when it comes to jewellery personality.

Browse our men's wedding ring selection for new ideas. Our Cobalt Chrome 8mm carbon fibre inlay ring is masculine with the black carbon inlay for a timeless contemporary look. Cobalt Chrome is 4 times harder than platinum, 5 times harder than gold and 7 times harder than silver, making it an ideal ring for men who use their hands all day and want a ring which can stand up to the elements.

Think about longevity

Are you likely to love this style in your 70s, 80s or 90s? If you do find your tastes change in 10 years our team of qualified jewellers has many years of experience, redesigning one ring into another.

Think about comfort

Are you a regular jewellery wearer? Some men shy away from wearing a wedding band because they think jewellery is uncomfortable. Chances are, you haven't worn a ring before (or not for an extended period of time) and don't realise how quickly your ring becomes a part of your hand.

If this sounds like you, talk to one of our sales staff who will recommend choices in popular styles. Rings with a comfort curve on the inside of the band might be your answer.

More and more people have allergies to metals so if elements such as nickel tend to irritate your skin, choose a ring with little or no nickel content.

Think about your culture

Does a certain style or ring mirror your Irish, Indian or Italian background? Perhaps a birthstone has a significant meaning to you. We can design, make and remodel jewellery to fit your specific wishes and needs. Using your own stones or gold, or provided by us, we can create your perfect piece.

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