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Vintage Jewellery Modified for Today’s Woman

It’s not uncommon to see customers with an incredible piece of heirloom jewellery, but because it’s too elaborate for everyday wear, too heavy or a stone might be missing, they have asked us to turn it into something they can wear and admire every day. 

The Walker and Hall Evolved collection is a perfect example of taking a pre-loved piece and making it work for you and your lifestyle.   The collection speaks of sustainable style; each item a legacy piece and a mysterious slice of history.

Vintage brooches have been morphed into one-of-a-kind pendants showing off their style. Each one is a work of art, like the Vintage 9ct Rose Gold Amethyst Pendant and the Vintage 18ct Yellow Gold with Sapphire in true 1970s style. With stunners like this, you could be wearing your pyjamas at an awards evening and no one would notice!  But don’t hold us to that.

There is a definitive connection between vintage jewellery and top jewellery designers of today. Just look at Karen Walker’s iconic Runaway Girl Necklace and the Archer Pendant.  Or the Zoe and Morgan Heart Mala Sterling Silver Necklace and the Vintage Platinum/White Gold Diamond Cluster Pendant.  There are undoubtedly similarities, which only goes to show good design never goes out of style.

Have you inherited a tiara, a brooch, or your Nana’s spectacular earrings? Our experienced, in-house GIA certified gemologists can rework your jewellery with care and attention into engagement rings, necklaces and other luxury jewellery. Walker and Hall have been creating and designing memories for the past 120 years and we will continue crafting exquisite jewellery for generations to come.

Browse the Evolved collection for cleverly restyled jewellery with modern components.

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  • Freddy Joe on

    Very nice, Love the article..

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