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Unearthing the world's biggest diamond

Earlier this year, mining company Lucapa extracted a massive diamond - among the largest ever discovered. Approximately the length of a credit card, it would be a likely contender for a serious piece of statement jewellery.

A New York-based diamond retailer tested the new diamond's colour and clarity and categorised it as a Type 2a rated stone -- meaning it is virtually flawless. Diamonds of this calibre make up only 1-2% of the world's diamonds. Furthermore, it’s also D-coloured, or entirely colourless, meaning the diamond is not only very large but very rare, giving it a value of around $20 US million.

Lucapa, a relatively small diamond exploration company, started the diamond search last year in central Angola on a 2973m² plot of land. Turns out it was a smart move as they have since discovered more than 60 ‘large special diamonds’ in less than a year. Followed by another very smart move, the company suspended trading shortly before the announcement of their incredible new find which in turn creating enough intrigue for shares to jump an outstanding 30% promptly after the announcement had been made.

However, the largest diamond ever found was in South Africa in 1905, a 3,106 carat beauty, called the "Cullinan." It weighed just over half a kilo before being crafted into many jewellery pieces, including one of Great Britain’s crown jewels, displayed at the Tower of London today.

Bigger isn’t always better of course and diamonds are no exception. They come in a variety of clarity ratings, ranging from virtually flawless to flawless to the naked eye.

At Walker and Hall, we can help you choose a ring which suits your budget, a quality grade that you are happy to wear, and can offer cut options based on these two factors - along with the clarity and colour of your choice. Your search for the right engagement ring or special anniversary ring is finding a balance between quality, durability, affordability, style and sparkle. Once you have these considerations talking to each other, you’ll find the ring that you will be happy to wear for decades to come.

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