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Trending! Rose Gold, Rose Quartz & Rose Morganite

Rose Quartz, Rose Gold and Rose Morganite. They are all very much on trend this year. When Pantone mixed things up a bit and chose TWO Colours of the Year for 2016 instead of the traditional one, it was going to be interesting to see if one was going to be more prominent than the other. 

In relation to jewellery, Rose Quartz won ‘hands down’ over opponent Serenity (baby blue with a touch of violet). Not too surprising really, considering how soft and feminine it is in jewellery pieces. 

Pantone said that they chose these softer hues so consumers could seek mindfulness and well-being as an antidote to modern day stresses, a soothing sense of order and peace as well as gender equality and fluidity. Pantone actually used thousands of adjectives to describe their 2016 colour choices – but that was pretty much it in a nutshell. 

Use the Walker and Hall search button to type in “rose” and a beautiful selection of products immediately show. Browse through stunning engagement rings, pendants, cocktail rings, bangles, earrings and exquisite vintage pieces. Like yellow and white gold, rose gold lends itself to many different styles, making it very popular with women who want a softer hue against their skin. And international fashion houses such as Michael Kors, Skagen and Marc Jacobs have created watches in rose which are both classic and elegant. 

Rose – is it a peaceful colour? It certainly is. It’s womanly, it’s soft, it’s pretty and says the wearer has some confidence to choose something a little less traditional. Plus its ideal for blondes and redheads with blue, green or hazel eyes. 

Karen Walker, Meadowlark and Boh Runga all have Rose Gold or Rose Quartz beauties in their current seasons and look particularly stunning when worn with black. 

For jewellery which isn’t an engagement ring or cocktail ring, fine jewellery is also a big trend we are seeing this year. Delicate jewellery that is like a second skin and as easy to wear appears to be here to stay 

Necklaces, bracelets and stacking rings (worn individually or as a group) are delicate and with subtle detailing. Look through our necklace range and you will see a lot of gentle, feminine pieces. Again softness is the key but with a loss of formality. 

Yes, it’s certainly a long way from the big hair and even bigger jewellery from the 1980s. Back then women were fighting for their place in the boardroom and with enormous earrings and bangles in tow they made very sure they were seen as well as heard! 

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