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Reclaimed Diamonds for Customised Jewellery

At Walker & Hall, we have been busy behind the scenes getting ready for the launch of our new collection - Reclaimed Diamonds. On 12th March 2020 this collection was born, breathing life back into stunning, quality-cut diamonds that have been rescued from jewellery no longer desired or from worn out settings.

After being cleaned and inspected by our in-house gemmologist, the diamonds are ready for a new life in a style to suit you. This is an ever-evolving collection with round brilliant, princess, emerald, pear and radiant cut diamonds currently available.

To give customers an idea of how each loose diamond will looks as a piece of jewellery, each product listing comes with ring and necklace images. This is simply an example or starting point, and additional diamonds/gemstones and metal choices (white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, etc) make your jewellery possibilities endless. You don't just have to think rings - these loose diamonds can be designed as a necklace or bracelet as well, to make a show-stopping statement piece.

Our Reclaimed Diamonds have minimal environmental impact, making them a conscious statement for your and your world. Being the hardest natural substance found on earth, diamonds are perfect for recycling and can be worn throughout generations while maintaining their natural brilliance and fire.

Much of Walker & Hall's success is our ability to customise jewellery. Jewellery is such a personal choice, so when our customers want a piece to be 'just so' we have the tools, people and expertise to make it happen.

Browse the full range here and see which loose diamond fits your style and budget to create your unique Reclaimed Diamond piece.

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