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Pearls are a Girl’s Best Friend

Pearls have come a long way since Nana’s trinket box.   No longer signifying a conservative lifestyle, pearls are here, and they are hip! 


How do we know this?  Well, we think Karen Walker and Meadowlark know a thing or two about real-time fashion, as do our longstanding jewellery designers.  Pearls are making big fashion waves, seen on hooped pearl earrings, hair accessories, bangles and chokers, as well as teaming up the fob chain for a fresh summer style.   


So why are pearls so fashionable?  Longevity, femininity and glamour are all words we associate with pearls.  Whether you’re after a set of vintage earrings, an eternal pearl necklace or the perfection of imperfect pearls with a modern twist, fashion’s relationship with pearls is unwavering and here to stay.  But most of all, like diamonds, pearls never go out of fashion and elevate any outfit.  


Pearls new-found popularity is partly due to the many shapes, sizes and colours now readily available.  Take note and you will start seeing them on catwalks, in magazines and fashion catalogues and the upcoming wedding season.   


If you’re a soon-to-be-bride and love the look of pearls, think about your dress neckline, what pearl colour works with your skin tone, string of pearls or a single pearl on a statement pendant?    


We love gift-giving at Christmas too, so what better way to celebrate the most festive time of year than with a set of pearl hook earrings? Secure your pair when you make a $120 purchase in recognition with Walker and Hall’s 120th year!  This set of sterling silver freshwater pearl hook earrings (worth $65) are not only everlasting and a striking every day jewellery to wear, they resonate with both young and old – making your Christmas shopping so much easier.


Shop online or instore now and enjoy the spirit of Christmas with us -  the Walker and Hall pearl devotees. 

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