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Jewellery Etiquette on Your Wedding Day

The tradition of wearing a wedding band on the left-hand hails from ancient Egypt and they believed the vein to this finger had a direct link to your heart. 


Traditionally on the wedding day, brides switch their engagement ring to the right-hand ring finger. Once you have received the wedding band from your spouse, your engagement ring can be placed on the same hand as the wedding band.  An easy way to remember the order is simple: wedding band sits closest to your heart.  


Other jewellery typically worn on the day could be an elegant necklace or a diamond bracelet.  Large earrings that look amazing with a sassy cocktail dress can look out of place on a bride, so we recommend pieces such as these diamond earrings


Make sure your hands are looking their best as they will be photographed more today than any other.   Keep them well moisturised in the weeks leading up to your big day and have your nails groomed and sporting your favourite nail polish (but nothing too bright). A great tip is a touch of concealer to help make your hands look their best too. 


If you are looking for a truly beautiful engagement ring, our Signature 1899 Collection features an impressive selection of classic and timeless styles with a hint of romantic vintage inspiration.  Crafted in superior quality metals and featuring high clarity accent diamonds, you are sure to find a style that will always make you smile.  For example, the 18ct White Gold Diamond ring framed by a halo of white diamonds or the 14ct White Gold Diamond band if you’re looking for a wedding band with high glamour.   


At the end of the day, most faiths have no rules on how to wear wedding day jewellery.  It’s really is a matter of personal choice how and which finger you choose to wear your rings on. After all, no one has your style, but you. Let’s not forget wedding rings are a symbol of love and respect more than anything else!


View the far-reaching range of beautiful rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces in Walker and Hall’s 1899 Collection.  

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