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Look a million bucks on a Monday morning

Late nights and lazy weekend mornings can throw you out of your usual routine, making it that much harder to get it all together on a Monday morning. Instead of looking like 'it's incredible I got to work at all', follow some simple tips to not only make you look like a million bucks but ensure your Monday morning headache becomes a breeze.

Lipstick is King

At the tail-end of the financial crisis a few years ago, British scientists conducted a study to see how women has spent their money during the bad times. Not only did cosmetic sales increase, the sales for red and other brightly coloured lipsticks went through the roof! It seems regardless of what was happening externally, women found a way to feel positive about their day through a stunning lippy.

Add some jewellery

Jewellery says 'Listen up! I've made a effort with my presentation today people!' Here in New Zealand, we are lucky enough to have internationally acclaimed jewellery designers right on our doorstep. Why not make the most of what Meadowlark, Zoe & Morgan, Karen Walker, Stolen Girlfriends Club and Boh Runga have on offer?

Add colour

New Zealand women are notorious for wearing too much black. Probably because we were told decades ago, black was flattering. What we weren't told is it can also be draining and ageing. If you want to/like to wear black then break it up with scarves to complement your skin tone. Shoes. Every women knows she can be dressed in a sack but still feel fabulous if she has gorgeous shoes. Don't wait for a special occasion - where your fabulous favourites on Mondays. You're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!

Try a new do

Tease out a long fringe, try out a low bun or a perfect parting right down the middle. Create something which is out of your comfort zone to give yourself an instant boost.

Give it a glow

Skin illuminators are awesome at giving you that 'I've just come back from holiday' glow. Add it directly onto the cheekbones (above your blusher), on the brow bones and your cupids bow.

Become friends with your figure

If you've never taken the time to find out your body shape, then the sooner the better. This is one of the best personal investments you will ever make. It not only removes the guess work, it saves your money and disappointment in the long run. But best of all it will save you time. You will eventually stop taking items to the changing room that you know won't do you any favours.

There are plenty of websites and apps which will guide you to find the body shape that you have today so you can start feeling like a million bucks - today. Other useful tools are apps like Stylebook and Closet which allow you to work with your existing wardrobe to mix and match a range of outfits. These are great time-saving tools with the added bonus of utilising your clothes more effectively to create even more clothing combinations.

How do you make yourself feel good? We'd love to hear your tips for walking out in style!

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