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Flawless Collection - Simply the Best

So what constitutes as flawless? The creme de la creme of diamonds you might say.

Let's look into three main elements of diamond grading - colour, clarity and cut 0 to give you a better understanding of just how rare these diamonds really are.


Diamonds are graded on the amount of yellow or brown present in the stone, the colour grades range from D to Z. Our Flawless Collection diamonds have a D grade which represents a colourless diamond, the highest possible colour grade for a diamond.

And because of their amazing colourless quality, the majority of rings in the Flawless Collection are expertly set in our signature 1899 high palladium white gold, with a open four claw setting that ensures maximum sparkle.


A diamond's clarity is a reflection of its purity, so fewer imperfections within the stone makes the diamond rarer and of higher value. To qualify as part of the Flawless Collection, a diamond's clarity must be IF which is Internally Flawless and equates to no internal inclusions when magnified ten times over.


When cutting a diamond, the cutter is trying to reflect as much light through the diamond as possible. Round brilliant cut make the best use of light and this is why all of our Flawless diamond rings are set with round brilliant cut diamonds. If you're going to invest in a flawless diamond you want maximum sparkle, right? Nature made these stones extra special and at Walker & Hall, we honour that.

All Flawless rings feature GIA certified D colour, internally flawless clarity, triple excellent cut diamonds and have a distinctive symbol of authenticity in the form of a series of crosses XXX engraved on the inner shank. This identifies the ring as one of Walker & Hall's Flawless Collection - commanding a level of quality that is beyond compare.

This diamonds are simply the best.

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