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Five Different Types of Gemstones and What They Mean

Jewellery comes in many beautiful and unique forms, and gemstones are stunning details you'll find in many of our favourite jewellery collections. Different types of gemstones have their own meaning, bringing a unique, heartfelt touch to any gift.

Gemstones are naturally-formed mineral crystals. When cut and polished, they are used in jewellery with varied values depending on their aesthetic appeal, size, durability and rarity. It doesn't matter whether it's old or new jewellery; gems look glamorous forever. Below, we share some of our most popular gemstones and their meanings so that you can find the perfect symbol for any occasion.


Diamonds are likely the first to come to mind when thinking of your favourite jewellery. Made from a form of pure carbon, diamonds radiate an incredible sparkle.

As the hardest naturally-occuring substance made of unbreakable properties, diamonds have become one of the most recognised symbols of love. They're most commonly used for engagement rings, but any diamond piece can encapsulate a love and a moment like nothing else.

Diamonds come in many variations; each brings a touch of brightness to the jewellery they adorn. White, Black, Pink, Yellow, Mocha and Champagne diamonds all symbolise and celebrate love in their own special way.


Aside from diamonds, pearls have embedded themselves within the world of jewellery as timeless and classic. Pearls come in various beautiful colours, shapes and sizes. Molluscs produce pearls, and pearls contain the same material as mollusc shells.

They are unique, and this is how they have developed much of their symbolic meaning. Pearls have a few given meanings but typically represent wisdom and experience and are thought to protect the wearer and attract good fortune.

Pearl jewellery has the power to make the owner feel strong, beautiful and most importantly unique.


Violet-tinted quartz, amethyst is the birthstone of February and is commonly used in jewellery worn by those born during the month. In Ancient Greece, amethyst was used to prevent intoxication. The Ancient Greeks not only wore amethyst but would carve drinking vessels from the quartz.

Amethyst is considered a powerful stone, both calming and stimulating to the mind. The stone symbolises serenity, trust, and grace and many cultures also attribute spiritual meaning to it. Amethyst is believed to alleviate stress and provide spiritual wisdom - an exceptional gift for anyone to receive.


The March birthstone, aquamarine, is an iconic blue-hued gem that grows deep in the veins of cooling bodies of magma. Aquamarine is associated with water. There is a strong belief that the precious stone can protect from drowning and stormy seas. With this strong connection to water, the stone symbolises tranquillity, serenity and clarity.

Aquamarine is a beautiful gift for lives ones - a strong representation of creating harmony and ensuring a long and happy marriage.


Emeralds are known for their green hue and form in the water-filled veins of the earth's crust. When the right conditions occur, magic happens - elements cool within the earth's crust and form into beautiful emerald crystals.

Seen as a source of life by the Ancient Egyptians, emeralds today still hold that symbolic meaning.

Aside from making a stunning statement colour to your jewellery, green emeralds represent trust and love. They're fantastic pieces for anybody you're connected to in life, celebrating unity, unconditional love, partnership and friendship.

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