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Destination Weddings – Where Do Couples Go and Tax-Free Wedding Rings

As the days grow colder and considerably shorter, many of us long for an island getaway to warm us to the bone.  Even more exciting if a destination wedding is part of the plan!

What’s the Appeal of Destination Weddings?

  1. It’s a wonderful opportunity for friends and family to spend some extended time together. Attempting to ‘catch up’ with everyone isn’t restricted to just the wedding day. Now you have days to see everyone, making it less stressful for everybody.
  1. Another reason is planning. Many couples simply love the idea of their hotel making all the major arrangements on their behalf – catering, venue, accommodation, music and decorations.  Many popular wedding destinations have a full-time wedding planner in-house.   Hey, where do I sign? 

A bride-to-be can now concentrate on the fun stuff such as choosing a dress, wedding bands and organising her hen’s do. 

  1. Tax Free Jewellery. Weddings can be a big expense, so anywhere the bride and groom can save money – they will.  And tax-free shopping does just that!  Walker and Hall offer a very easy five-step shopping guide so you can collect your jewellery before departing on your overseas flight.  And your bridesmaids or groomsmen who are travelling with you?  Tax free jewellery presents the perfect opportunity to purchase something special for them as well.  Browse earrings and men’s jewellery for ample ideas.

 Here are some of the main wedding destination contenders when flying from New Zealand. 

Pacific Islands

The Pacific Islands are the perfect spot for a beautiful wedding.  A large part of their tourism is catering to weddings, especially Fiji. Rarotonga and Samoa haven’t been in the wedding game for as long, but that said, this can also be reflected in lower costs. 

A relaxing island-style holiday is also very popular with blended families and presents an opportunity to bond over a cocktail by the pool!

UK and Europe

Does your fiancé come from the other side of the world?  If so, you’ll be happy to escape the winter and enjoy a northern hemisphere Spring or Summer.  Quaint English villages with rolling hills are chocolate-box perfect for such occasions. 

 Or if you’d rather be sipping wine in France in the landscaped grounds of a chateau, watch episodes of Escape to the Chateau DIY  for inspiration and regions.  The show is all about couples taking the plunge by purchasing a chateau, their renovation (mis)adventures and organising weddings.  

Australia’s Gold Coast and Queensland

Easy to get to with multiple flights and prices, New Zealand tourists make up the largest part of the Australian tourism market. 

Destinations like Mooloolaba and Noosa offer a relaxed holiday vibe with year-round balmy temperatures and all the facilities you need for a memorable wedding destination. 

Final Words of Advice

  1. Find a destination that makes sense to you but also has guests excited. Be realistic – the further you must travel the smaller your wedding is likely to be, so work out what is important to YOU on your day.   
  1. Negotiate your accommodation though be aware of peak seasons.
  1. Try to keep guests confided to three hotels at most and You don’t want get-togethers to be hard to coordinate. After all, it’s about spending time together. 

Are you organising a destination wedding?  Have you organised rings yet?  Let Walker and Hall help you save with tax free shopping on jewellery whether shopping online or instore.  Right now, you can receive $50 OFF YOUR NEXT PURCHASE at our Auckland International Store!

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