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Coloured stone engagement rings - The alternative to diamonds

Though diamonds remain the most popular engagement ring stone, the popularity of coloured gemstones is certainly on the rise. Kate Middleton’s sapphire engagement ring would be the most famous in modern history, previously worn by Diana, Princess of Wales.  Or Dame Elizabeth Taylor wearing her glamorous ruby and diamond necklace, bracelet and earrings, gifted to her by husband Mike Todd, made by Cartier.  

Coloured gems have been documented through history to have special meanings and beliefs which you can learn about below. 



Emeralds are is associated with growth, calmness and healing. The most esteemed emerald is especially translucent, however, the way in which the gem is cut can make a paler stone appear darker (deep cut) or a darker can appear lighter (shallow cut). Emeralds are not as hardy as other gemstones but that intense colour is a real showstopper and a treasure to pass down through generations.  Walker and Hall offer a vast array of emerald and diamond ring styles coordinated with white or yellow gold.    

If you love the colour green, but looking for a softer shade alternative, Tourmaline showcases beautifully in this Platinum Tourmaline and Diamond ring



Sapphires are the most valuable of all blue gemstones due to excellent colour and durability. Sapphire is known as a symbol of power and strength and kings used to wear it around their necks to ward off harm.  When worn as an engagement ring it is thought to represent faithfulness, and their hardiness means they are a perfect everyday gem of choice.

That penetrating blue makes them a popular choice for necklaces and earrings as well. 



You would have to be living under a very large rock not to see how influential blush pink has dominated colour trends in recent years.  Incredibly flattering against all skin colours, morganite gemstones range from a soft ballet pink to peachy orange.  Morganite is associated with kindness and is believed to help those working through emotional trauma. This stone is a popular alternative to diamond engagement rings.



Considered the stone of love, power and vitality, rubies are extremely durable and are close behind diamonds in terms of the hardiness of the stone. Like emeralds, the colour is what dictates the price tag here.  The more primary colour red is present, the higher in value.  Secondary colours which can form part of a ruby include orange, purple and pink. 



Aquamarine channels the healing energy of the sea evoking calm and cleansing properties.  This is another becoming shade for all skin colours, taking centre stage in these Aquamarine and Diamond earrings. 


At Walker and Hall, our experienced gemmologists travel the world in search of quality coloured stones, inspecting many before choosing a select few to be beautifully showcased in our original designs. Browse our Artemis collection for the very in coloured gemstone quality and selection.

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