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Collection Spotlight - The Heritage Collection

Introducing the Heritage collection. A range of antique cut diamond rings and earrings, the Heritage collection is your gateway to the beauty and elegance of yesteryear.

A beautiful selection of unique vintage diamonds, hand cut by master craftsmen of a bygone era. The Heritage collection imparts old-world glamour into signature pieces which reflect the unique nature of your love.

So what makes the Walker & Hall Heritage collection so special? Well, simply put, the pieces in this collection are true works of art - cleverly combining the best of the past with the new. They are big, they are bold, they are intrinsically glamorous. Carefully selected vintage diamonds are showcased in trademark high palladium gold settings - creating brilliance that endures.

You may wonder why the Walker & Hall designers and jewellers decided to go 'all out' with this vintage style. The simple answer is Romance. And who doesn't want a little romance in their lives? In times of rapid change, it's so good to reflect on the romance and artistry of the past. Walker & Hall wanted to create heirlooms that tell enchanting tales of love, evoke a story and last through the generations.

The Heritage collection offers diversity for those looking for a well-crafted vintage style piece that is distinctive. Customers love the nostalgia of these pieces especially those which feature rose gold and vivid coloured gemstones.

The Heritage collection can only be found at Walker & Hall stores and online at

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