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Celebrating Milestones - Meaningful 21st Gifts

We asked some of our team to share with us their 21st birthday stories and the memorable gifts they received to celebrate this special occasion.

George - Auckland Domestic Airport

21st Gifts

I received a Daniel Wellington watch with a black leather strap and the Walker & Hall Warrior Shilling ring for my 21st birthday.

These two pieces were and are still very important to me. I have used the watch as an everyday watch since I received it, it is a simple and classic watch that can be dressed up or down. The Warrior Shilling ring is special to me as the coin is of 1933 minting, so it has King George V on the reverse side. It is am important statement of history as well as a statement piece - I get a lot of compliments for it!

These two pieces were perfect for my 21st. The watch became my everything watch, I could wear it to work, to social events, everyday. The ring became a special statement piece that has a personal meaning to me and is so fun to wear!

Ali - Head Office 

21st Gifts

Ever since I was young, I would hear my Grandma's bangles before I could see her. She bought me my first bangle for my 18th birthday, however I always wanted another so they would jingle together. It wasn't until my 21st that I received another silver bangle from Grandma, now Mum always jokes that she doesn't know if it's Grandma or me walking down the hallway. These two bangles are very special to me and every time they jingle, I think of her.

Stef - Wellington 

21st Gifts

For my 21st I received a pair of diamond studs from my parents and a diamond ring from some of my family members including my Grandpa. I also got a Meadowlark Diamond Star Band from my aunt. I really love all these pieces because they are classic and timeless. I wear them everyday and they remind me of the people who gave them to me and the great times we have had together.

Liz - Head Office 

21st Gifts

Before I turned 21, I had thought that money for travel would be my ideal gift. Closer to the time I realised however that I would always find a way to travel, and working in a jewellery store, I could see that having a quality piece of jewellery was going to be something truly special to me for a long time.

My mum and sister were instrumental in getting the word out to our family and close friends, that I was planning to have a ring custom made, and rather than all going shopping individually, contributions towards this special project would be gratefully received. We had many generous contributors come forward for which I am eternally thankful, it meant I was really able to dream big! I am a pretty 'hands on' person and would definitely say that I am hard wearing on jewellery - so I knew I needed to design something that was going to stand the test of time. It was also important to me that this ring was going to be something I would wear forever, something I imagined I could hand down to my child one day.

I chose a solid wide band with three rows of seven diamonds each - a total of 21. It was ready just in time for my birthday party. When I opened the box, I was blown away by the sparkle - at first it felt so intense that this beautiful ring was really mine to wear - it made me a bit nervous! My family and friends were so excited too, I think they all loved seeing this remarkably impressive gift that they were a part of. One in particular still jokes when they see me, 'how is that diamond I bought you for your 21st?'.

Since then I have worn this amazing ring nearly every day, only taking it off when I went on my overseas backpacking adventure, and then when I had my babies. Other than that, it has been with me always, a close and constant reminder that there are all these people out there that have supported me through those first 21 years, and are still here to support me now should I ever be in need. For me, it is a symbol of the love that I have been so lucky to be surrounded by, and it makes me feel grateful for all that I have.

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