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Bridal Jewellery Trends for 2020

It will be Spring soon and that means the start of the busy wedding season! Here are the top jewellery trends we are seeing globally for 2020 bridal parties.

We're not talking about engagement rings, these trends refer to the other jewellery that brides wear such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Whether you're a lover of vintage jewellery, a bohemian beach-wedding kind of girl and everything in between, we have some food for thought for your big day.

Green Jewellery
Green gets the go-ahead for weddings this year. Whether it's emerald earrings or a darker shade of green like tourmaline, green-hued jewellery is in high demand. Princess Eugenie wore a stunning emerald and diamond tiara and earrings for her wedding a few years back, sparking the move towards coloured gemstones worn for auspicious (and typically traditional) occasions.

Golden Hairpieces
Bringing the 'do' together, gold hairpieces are big news for 2020. Headbands are kept simple so they don't clash with other jewellery pieces, while hairpins can be more flamboyant in floral designs and pearls.

Wide Diamond Bracelets
Away from the delicate diamond bracelet, these are wide statement pieces bringing full-throttle sparkle to your wrist. Wide diamond bracelets work well with simple and elegant wedding dresses or strapless gowns to bring balance to an outfit.

If diamonds aren't your thing, there are lots of other options. Kelly Thompson's 70s inspired bracelet is exclusive to Walker & Hall or Karen Walker's Oak Leaf Cuff is perfect for a boho style ensemble.

Unconventional Pearl Jewellery
Moving away from the classic strand, we are seeing pearls in chokers, statement earrings, cuffs and hair pieces. Style icon, Karen Walker does this very well with her collections as do Meadowlark with their reinvented classic pearl pieces.

Statement Hoops
Moving away from conventional bridal jewellery and going bolder are hoop earrings. And, let's face it, hoop look great on everyone and are the type of jewellery brides will wear for many years.

Check out our Celebrating Your Day wedding jewellery guide or our Instagram feed for further inspiration.

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