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At home with Marc Moore of Stolen Girlfriends Club

The story of Stolen Girlfriends Club and Walker & Hall is that of a classic growing up story.  In the beginning, the boys would share their designs inspired by punk studs, guitar picks and roses, and we would provide a lot of constructive feedback on jewellery fittings, sizing, and design risks – sometimes taken on, and sometimes not.  In that way, perhaps not too much has changed.  We can say for sure that there has been a lot of learning along the way and the ability to push the envelope and craft exciting ideas and experiences will keep their dedicated following coming back for more.  From chocolate grenades to the most unbelievable fashion shows -  the SGC brand has always delivered on creativity, style and a rebellious spirit.  We have learned that if this team put the word “stolen” on something – it is a hit – and we count ourselves lucky to be part of their club. 

As part of our 'You are my home' campaign, we spoke with Marc on what home means to him and how the idea of home is encapsulated within his collections.

What does home mean to you, what does it look like/feel like?
Home to me is where I feel most comfortable It’s where I feel completely myself, and it’s where I’m happiest. The ocean is one of the places I feel most comfortable, having spent so much time in and around the ocean growing up on the west coast of NZ. For me, the ocean has a balancing effect that makes me feel complete - hard to explain - super magical!

Where in Aotearoa do you feel most at home?
Raglan is one of the places in NZ that I feel most at home.  I moved there was I was about 7 or 8 years old and didn’t leave until 20 years later. I think I spent more time in the water surfing than at school!

What piece of jewellery in your current collection speaks to the idea of home?
I think the pieces that touch on my idea of home are the pieces inspired by the ocean. Our latest collection ‘Into The Deep’ features lots of nautical style chains used on the large ships, and we’ve also featured lots of shark tooth and shark-jaw inspired pieces.

Shop Marc's home inspired collection here, and all Stolen Girlfriends Club jewellery here.

Stolen Girlfriends Club

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