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At home with Karen Walker of Karen Walker Jewellery

We remember the day of our first NZ designer collection coming into stores, when local favourite and international fashion superstar, Karen Walker,  launched her very first fine jewellery collection.  Outstanding design transcends the test of time and you will find the first range, nearly 20 years later known as the “Classics” - the runaway girl, bow necklace and moon designs, remain icons which are favourites to this day. 

A long standing alliance filled with mutual respect and appreciation, a highlight of this relationship for Walker & Hall is the special story Karen once shared, that her grandmother wore Walker & Hall pearls on her wedding day, and they were being kept safe and ready to be handed down to the fourth generation – an epitome of family treasure.  We are blessed to be part of what this amazing leader and businesswoman has created, and we cannot wait to see what comes next.   

As part of our 'You are my home' campaign, we spoke with Karen Walker on what home means to her and how the idea of home is encapsulated within her collections.

What does home mean to you, what does it look like/feel like?
My family, the canine, the smell of cooking, a pile of books, the smell of linseed oil from my husband's mini-painting studio.

Where in Aotearoa do you feel most at home?
I always feel at home as long as I have my family with me but if I'm in sight of Auckland's azure coastline, I feel at home.

What piece of jewellery in your current collection speaks to the idea of home?
I've been wearing the Lunar Signs collection - choosing my daughter and husband's signs (pig and rabbit) plus, of course, one for the dog! Also, any of our nautical pieces make me think of home as I've always lived minutes from Auckland's Waitematā and anything to do with it makes me happy.

Shop Karen's home inspired collection here, and all Karen Walker jewellery here.

Karen Walker Jewellery

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