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At home with Boh Runga of Boh Runga Jewellery

Beautiful Boh. Her original Birdland collection and sought after round box captured New Zealand perfectly and was an easy yes for visitors, travellers, lovers and friends wanting to share a special piece of NZ. Utilising her talents as a songwriter, Boh blesses us with her amazing ability to share meaning and inspiration through special tributes created for each design. Always thoughtfully conceived and unmistakably refined, we are continually astounded by the brilliance this team achieve. An inspirational speaker, Boh has been a favourite at store events, and we are so grateful for the hospitality she has shown our family as well. With an enduring commitment to creating gifts which mean so much to those who give and receive, we know this designer will continue to bring joy to everyone around her.

As part of our 'You are my home' campaign, we spoke with Boh on what home means to her and how the idea of home is encapsulated within her collections.


What does home mean to you, what does it look like/feel like?
I totally feel that 'home' is synonymous with an environment that brings you peace. Humans naturally crave that state, a place of safety for your body and mind. Where your loved ones are is obviously best, but if you are away from them you can also achieve it by surrounding yourself with what makes your heart happy. Greenery, art I find inspiring and the myriad of random things that I've picked up from my travels do that for me. 

Where in Aotearoa do you feel most at home?
Besides my physical home, which is a given, I always smile when I drive from the airport into central Christchurch and get that first glimpse of Hagley Park, the Avon and the gardens. Christchurch is my home town and I have such great memories of that particular space in that city. It's beautiful and I love it very much. 

What piece of jewellery in your current collection speaks to the idea of home?
Many of my designs come from the idea of taking the love of your loved ones and the feelings of home with you wherever you go but if I had to choose one design it would be my Kiwi charm from my very first collection 15 years ago, Birdland. It is simplistic in its depiction of our iconic New Zealand bird, and the Kiwi being wholly unique to us means Home to me. 

Shop Boh's home inspired collection here, and all Boh Runga Jewellery here.

Boh Runga Jewellery

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