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Aquamarine Jewellery - beautiful ocean colours all year round

The mornings are certainly getting cooler and swimming has started to become a little too, how shall we say - bracing!

If you want to be reminded of gorgeous blue oceans year-round, consider your next jewellery purchase to include aquamarine. At Walker & Hall, we have a large selection of exquisite aquamarine necklaces, rings and earrings.

All the colours of the (blue) rainbow
The aquamarine colour chart varies from an icy, subtly tinted blue through to a greener blue, right through to a deep, rich turquoise. The colours can change dramatically when viewed at particular angles. The price of the stone is largely determined by its colour, with deeper blue or blue-greens at the higher end of the price scale.

Gemstones have become extremely popular for engagement rings over the past few years, offering brides-to-be something a little less traditional, and something for those who enjoy wearing a striking colour every day. Aquamarine works beautifully alongside pearls too, so think about pearl-based jewellery for your bridesmaids if you have an aquamarine engagement ring.

Aquamarine features in our signature 1899 Collection and in our elegant new Octavia design. And for the lovers of vintage and art deco, we have one-of-a-kind aquamarine pieces featured in these collections.

Fun facts about this serene gemstone
It is difficult not to think of calming ocean waters when looking into an aquamarine stone and history tells us that sailors believed these gems were gifts from mermaids to protect them in the open waters. They also decorated their ships with aquamarine to encourage calming waters. While in ancient Rome, lovers would exchange aquamarine as a sign of love over lust. Aquamarine is the birthstone for March.

If you've never considered coloured gemstones before, there is plenty to admire and look just as elegant and timeless as diamonds do. Not sure which gemstone is traditional for your birth month? See the full list of birthstones for every month of the year here.

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