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Anniversary Gifts to Treasure

Summertime weddings. There is nothing quite like them.

Most bridal parties and guests have already had a holiday or are looking forward to one. The weather is reliable, and you don't need to worry about layers from morning until night. So, there are a lot of anniversaries from December to March in New Zealand. But regardless of when your anniversary date is, we offer a treasure trove of anniversary gift ideas in every size, style, budget and colour preference.

Traditional gifts for anniversary dates

There is a long list of traditional anniversary gifts for years 1 - 15 years and subsequently every 5 years after that, but not everyone wants the gift of iron on their 6th anniversary or china on their 20th. First introduced in Central Europe during medieval times, anniversary gifts and priorities have undoubtedly changed.

We recommend choosing a gift for your loved one that holds great meaning to them and you as a couple. The tradition of silver, gold and gemstones for the momentous 25th, 40th and 50th anniversaries are still very popular today. 

Eternity Rings

An eternity ring symbolises a lifetime commitment and is a beautiful addition to her engagement and wedding rings.

Eternity rings come in a variety of styles - delicate and fine, with diamonds around the circumference or a bold statement piece, and can be worn with stacked with wedding and engagement rings or worn on separately.

It's the personal touches that matter

When gifting something beautiful - why not go the whole way? Gifts spark instant excitement when beautifully wrapped and accompanied by a handwritten card. Walker & Hall will do that all for you too, simply add your personal message to the online shopping cart or visit a Walker & Hall store and one of our helpful staff will assist.

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