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Adam Bryce's take on our Vintage collections

Our range of Vintage jewellery is made up of only the finest examples from each era available. To highlight the quality of these pieces, we asked one of New Zealand's most acclaimed photographers, Adam Bryce, to lend his eye to a selection of pieces. Bringing them to life as works of art.

Bryce explained the series of photographs; "a juxtaposition between the normality of everyday life and the luxury of these amazing pieces of jewellery. Perhaps it's why we covet fine jewellery, we're able to look down and be reminded of the finer things and moments in life, no matter what we're doing day in day out".

Adam Bryce Vintage Photography
This is an unusual example of Post War Modernism, strongly attached to the preceding Art Deco movement. The minimalist setting with large old cut diamonds and sapphires were often repurposed into separate pieces so it is an exceptional item to admire in its original form.

Adam Bryce Vintage Photography
A striking example of New Zealand Victorian jewellery, originally purposed for a watch chain, this pendular piece of NZ greenstone (Pounamu) is topped with a decorative 9ct gold cap and bale. The intricate engraved Maori warrior provides insight into NZ and Maori themed pieces in locally sourced greenstone and mined alluvial gold.

Adam Bryce Vintage Photography
This piece provides an insight into the perpetual nature of certain jewellery designs. The gate style link first created in the late 1900s is seen in many variations right through the 20th Century with specific popularity in the 1980s. This piece from the early 1900s is unusual with the added setting of alternating peridot and garnet.

Adam Bryce Vintage Photography
A strongly geometric aesthetic drives the appeal of this piece that incorporates Modernist and Retro elements. A large semi precious centre stone with the repeating cubist theme completes a highly structural design.

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