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1899 Collection - Classic and timeless

Walker & Hall's signature 1899 collection features an impressive selection of classic and timeless styles, dramatic contemporary pieces and whimsical vintage-inspired designs. We recently spoke to one of Walker & Hall's master jewellers to ask them about the 1899 collection.

Why did you launch this collection?

The 1899 collection is our foundation collection and embodies everything we hold most important. Crafted in high-quality metals and featuring high clarity accent diamonds, a design from the 1899 collection is sure to have the wow factor you are looking for.

Over 30 years creating jewellery - what has never gone out of style?

In a word, quality. With a long history of creating our own designs, we bring peace of mind to our customers, which is particulary important when choosing a significant piece of jewellery, such as a wedding or engagement ring. And with timeless, quality pieces like those in the 1899 collection, jewellery becomes lasting family heirlooms that can be enjoyed by future generations.

Are coloured diamonds hot right now?

It's all about personal preference and white diamond continue their role as the traditional symbol of glamour, elegance and commitment. However, coloured diamonds are becoming increasingly popular and fashion forward. There's sunny canary yellow, rosy pink and dramatic black - definitely sophisticated and unique.

How has the internet helped your customers?

The internet and social media platforms are so exciting and provide even more great ways to showcase our wonderful and exciting new designs. Whether you follow the beautiful and fun imagery on Instagram, our stories on Facebook or keep in touch through our website - it comes together to build a picture of Walker & Hall and what we can offer our customers.

That said, we love helping a customer face to face in one of our stores and hearing their stories and experiences.

In a competitive business, how has Walker & Hall stayed ahead of the competition?

Trust - it's everything. We enjoy an extraordinary reputation built on shared experiences from customers who have known us for decades as well as those we've recently met.

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