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Meet our People

There is nothing more important in our business than our people, their diversity of skills, backgrounds and experiences. Each unified by a common love of sharing the beauty and wonder of gemstones and jewellery, to recognise and celebrate our customers most important occasions.

Meet some of our team and find out more about the people who make the magic happen everyday at Walker & Hall.

Joe Tattersfield

Joe Tattersfield
Managing Director

Meet our Managing Director, Joe

'I do everything from lease negotiations to vacuuming.'

What makes the job so enjoyable every day for Joe? Seeing the team achieve their goals and contribute to the strong team culture, reading positive customer feedback and being able to support wherever necessary.

Not only the people, the product and the team environment, but the enormous amount of knowledge about jewellery and daily learnings make the job one to love. 'I recently discovered the issues around polishing rough Kauri gum'.

Joe's favourite piece of jewellery? A beautiful cushion cut diamond ring he gave his wife Symmone for her birthday. It was a long time coming, but you know what they say 'builders homes are never finished'.

Deborah Smith
Deborah Smith
Pearl Stringer & Engraver

Some would say Deborah is the general shop Mum. From stringing pearls, to working in the Silver Showroom, Deborah has graced many different avenues with Walker & Hall. For her, you can't help but feel the love that is represented in the gifting range of small and special items.

'As a child I loved the mystery of hallmarks, and it's lovely that it has ended up being part of my job and what I work with everyday.'

The beauty of working in a family business is that she has been able to grow and learn through an assortment of processes.

Being a devoted archivist, looking after all the old documents and treasures, Deborah thoroughly enjoys being part of the second hand jewellery process. Checking initial stock, then directing each piece to be repaired or refurbished, means she gets to handle one-of-a-kind, quality vintage jewellery.

'I love trying on all the jewellery and dreaming.'

Not only handling jewels, but helping with other matters lie reviving Anzac Showroom, Deborah says 'I felt personally invested in the old building and making sure the history was retained. It was a huge process that was so interesting to be a part of and we are so happy with the results.'

Wayne Ashton
Wayne Ashton
Master Jeweller

A true love story of 35 years, the jewellery business took the heart of expert jeweller and dedicated Walker & Hall team member Wayne.

Like any relationship, designing and crafting jewellery brings its own challenges, but that's what makes the job so interesting and exciting - 'seeing the design process from start to finish can be somewhat nerve-wracking because there are many delicate steps to the finished product, but once complete, it is amazing to see the customers reactions.'

Growing alongside the family business, Wayne is devoted to customer loyalty, organising day to day repairs and offering advice.

'You are always learning - even after 35 years in jewellery, you don't know it all.'

Having made many custom pieces for W&H customers, Wayne's favourite one-off piece of jewellery is the gold skull ring with ruby eyes, made for his own 50th birthday 'it's a bit different and totally rock and roll'.

Daisy Shen
Daisy Shen
Online Support & Operations

A delight to have working with Walker & Hall, Daisy is a special member of the Anzac Showroom team.

Originally starting on the shop floor at the Albany retail store, then becoming the Store Manager, Daisy had a gap in her W&H career and continued her strong knack for customer service in the banking industry after an overseas stint.

'When I came back to NZ I was working at the bank. Joe and Liz came in to find me and asked me to come back to Walker & Hall to work in the head office.'

Happily the journey with W&H continues and Daisy is back with her work family, connecting with customers in the Showroom and from behind the desk through live chat on the website, as well as the WeChat platform - 'I get to talk to so many people and help them and I feel so proud when I know I have helped them to find the right piece or given them advice.'

Daisy pictured wearing her favourite piece - an Eos necklace gifted as a birthday present from the W&H team.

Raj Patel
Raj Patel
Anzac Showroom and Quotes Manager

Raj is our Anzac Showroom Manager and an integral part of the Walker & Hall family.

Visiting our showroom and making that special purchase could be a daunting experience if it wasn't for Raj's passion for jewellery and drive to deliver excellence to every customer. His years of experience result in him being the go-to guy for any custom or insurance quotes and much more.

'Walker & Hall culture is like family to me that brings a sense of belonging where I can openly communicate my thoughts without hesitation.'

Odelia Chen
Odelia Chen
Queen Street Sales Professional & Top Sales Person 2018

Introducing customers to the world of jewellery and making sure they are happy with their purchase is Odelia's everyday mantra at Walker & Hall.

Her passion for sales and jewellery have been proven and lead to her becoming the Top Sales Person in 2018. When it comes to promoting or making a sale, W&H is an easy sell for her because customers already know and trust the brand.

'I always try my best and be patient, the most important thing is to build a relationship with the customer and understand them and what they want the item to represent. Taking honest time ensures that I can help them to find the perfect piece.'

Odelia creates a shopping experience for each individual at W&H, greeting and developing relationships with new customers and sustaining long term customers.

With a love of all things jewellery and especially the Vintage Collection, one can have a very long wish list. Odelia's favourite purchase was an Art Deco dress ring 'I chose to treat myself.'

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  • David Reid on

    Hi, I was in your Newmarket branch this afternoon, around 2.30pm. I had gone in to get a Daniel Wellington strap fitted. They, (sorry didn’t get the gentleman’s name) and Judy Er were very professional when they noticed I had a rose gold watch and the trim on the strap was silver. They immediately gave me a store credit, and ordered a strap with the correct trim in. Even offered my wife and I a complimentary clean of our rings.

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