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At home with Zoe of Zoe & Morgan

The first meeting of Zoe & Morgan and Walker & Hall was not long after Zoe had returned to NZ to live and we were in entranced with the twisted rope and natural feel of their love, hope and forget me knot lasso designs.  This curiosity to create texture and special details has made Zoe & Morgan designs stand apart from the beginning and continues to be part of what makes them special today.  Finding a niche for statement earrings which are sure to get comments, Zoe & Morgan have captured the ears and hearts of many.  The first Z&M x W&H collaboration brought us the stunning Starburst earrings which can be spotted more than once at any Walker & Hall event as they were so popular with our team and customers alike.  New designs, stories and imagery are always eagerly awaited – we are inspired by the thought and detail which goes into each piece and the way the meaning and emotion is shared through stunning imagery.  The ethos and generosity of this brand is impressive – kind, giving and thoughtful are a few of the values which shine through and make this family business such an honour to work with.

As part of our 'You are my home' campaign, we spoke with Zoe on what home means to her and how the idea of home is encapsulated within her collections.

What does home mean to you, what does it look like/feel like?
I have quite a different perspective of home! I grew up with a poem, The world is my cottage ~ Freedom my friend, and this really resonates with me!  

My father was a jeweller from Argentina. My mum grew up in England but her mum was Canadian, my first footsteps were taken along a beach in Jamaica. So my sense of home was wherever we were in the world. 

Home aesthetics have always been really important to me, even as a young one travelling with no money, I would collect special shells and objects and decorate spaces. With a family now, and a strong mama urge to bring up children with kind hearts and open mind sets, home is our sanctuary. It’s a retreat space, often with a little too much washing piling up on the sofa. 

Home is in the heart. And our physical home is a beautiful space to create our family values. The child in me is still strong, and I still consider the world my cottage, and freedom my best friend!  

Where in Aotearoa do you feel most at home?
In our family home, the objects and artwork tell a story of our lives. I’m a Grey Lynn girl.  

What piece of jewellery in your current collection speaks to the idea of home?
Songbird because these styles are hand engraved swallows, and swallows fly free and adventure but always migrate home x x x

Shop Zoe's home inspired collection here, and all Zoe & Morgan Jewellery here.

Zoe & Morgan Jewellery

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