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A Legacy of Love: Explore the campaign

April saw the launch of our A Legacy of Love campaign, a celebration of the love and connection between mother and child.

A mother's love is her legacy, embodied in the bond and enduring connection between mother and child. There's nothing quite like a mother’s love.

Mothers are our nurturers and guides, instilling in us the true meaning of love through their daily demonstrations of service and kindness. Their presence, words, and actions inspire us, and they define unconditional love in a way that no one else can.

A Legacy of Love was inspired by the way our mothers have shown us what love is, and how it becomes part of who we are, through memories and traditions, lessons and outlooks, special treasures and keepsakes. 

Mother and daughter looking at photo album

Mother and daughter looking at photo album

We chose a daughter’s wedding day to reflect the culmination of wisdom, love and support shared through this exceptional connection. From the first breath to the wedding day, and every day thereafter, a mother's love is the greatest gift of all, a legacy that endures beyond all else.

Mother and daughter on daughter's wedding day

This campaign highlighted our signature 1899 Collection. The 1899 Collection is a symbol of quality, for jewellery made to stand the test of time. A design from the 1899 Collection is a legacy piece that celebrates meaningful connections and milestones, passed on with love to the next generation.

1899 Collection

Mother and daughter on daughter's wedding day

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